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5 Ways With... Eggs


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Eggs are a store cupboard essential, and the great thing about them is that they are the key ingredient to some of our favourite dishes, whilst they’re just as delightful on their own. Here are a few egg-citing but cheap and simple ways to experiment with eggs for those days when you can’t be bothered to head to the shops.


The classic first resort for students seeking to scrape the barrel of the food cupboard without feeling hard done by. Omelettes are so easy to make, and you can throw practically anything into the mix to keep it from getting repetitive. Simply whisk 2-3 eggs per person in a bowl, season and add cheese if you have it, pour into a hot pan with some melted butter and cook for a few minutes before folding.


These require a bit of elbow grease and a touch more patience, but are well worth the effort for those with a sweet tooth. All you need is egg whites, caster sugar and icing sugar, and an electric whisk if you don’t want to spend the next half an hour working up a sweat over a bowl of eggs. Great for a dinner party pavlova or Eton Mess on a hot summers day. Find the recipe here.

In Purgatory…

No this doesn’t have anything to do with heaven, hell or anything in between, although you might have your mates asking where the hell you got such a great idea from. This healthy yet delicious Italian dish is easy to make and packs a punch for a yummy twist on brunch.


Sweet, savoury, American or crepes, pancakes are flippin' great, so why relegate them to one day of the year?  The great thing about pancakes is you can tailor them to any recipe, and they pass as a valid choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner (sort of). Requiring only flour, milk and eggs to make the batter, here are a few egg-cellent ideas for fillings and toppings to get your taste buds going.

Egg Fried Rice

For something a little more substantial that is cheaper and healthier than your local takeaway, egg fried rice is a winner for an easy weekend treat. Boil the rice before frying in a wok with a little oil and whatever ingredients you want to add – peas, peppers and bacon are a strong choice. Then crack in the eggs and scramble before serving. See the full recipe here.

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