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8 tips on how to get the best deals this Black Friday


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Christmas is approaching faster than any of us can handle but with the biggest shopping day of the year just around the corner, there's no need for the christmas shopping to drag into December! With prices slashed across departments, Black Friday is your chance to secure those dream gifts at unbelievable prices.

Of course, there's always a downside. And the problem with Black Friday is, well... it's manic! The deals are there, but boy do you have to be quick on the keypad!

Traditionally taking place the day after Thanksgiving in the US, this year Black Friday takes place on Friday 25th November. So to help you navigate the crowds and the crashing sites, we have come up with our eight top tips to help you grab those gifts before the deal's done.

TOP TIP #1 - Plan

Make sure you plan, because Black Friday is no day for window shopping. It's the ultimate hardcore buy-it-as-you-see-it shopping experience. Know ahead of time what you want, where you want to get it from, and don't stray. Focus on the items you want; if you get side tracked you'll be out of the runnin. Also, remember that deals on high-demand products could be limited. Grabbing three or four items per store will also help you crunch on time.

TOP TIP #2 - Budget

Start by making an overall Christmas budget; include things such as food, presents and decorations. Then allocate a certain amount of money for each. Use your total budget to see how much you can actually spend on Black Friday and set a realistic amount based on items that you wish to purchase; this way you won't be disappointed.

TOP TIP #3 - Start early

Go out as early as you can, no hitting the snooze button!

TOP TIP #4 - Look online

That said, before you head out to the shops it's always worth having a look online so you can compare online prices with the in store deals - after all, this could save you some valuable shopping time.

TOP TIP #5 - Get a receipt

If it's a gift make sure you get a receipt. You may think you've found the perfect gift on impulse, but it might not be to everyone taste. If you ask for a gift receipt they can always return it.

TOP TIP #6 - Take someone with you

Shopping with your friends on Black Friday will make it all that more fun, whilst also helping you get the best deals. Together you can cover more of the shops and pick up things for one another. Get a list together and split up the shopping.

TOP TIP #7 - Wear comfy clothes

If you're uncomfortable you won't shop well. You will be on your feet for hours (yes, hours!), so you need the comfort. Wear a jumper if it's cold, but be able to take it off and put it in your bags when the shopping gets heated.

TOP TIP #8 - Stay calm

It's easy to become irritable; it's an early morning and the crowds are intense. Just remember why you're shopping in the first place - to find those perfect gifts for friends and family! If people are rude, and they will be, just laugh it off. It's Christmas!

Happy Black Friday shopping everyone, and good luck!

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