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Fun ways a student can make money


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When you fly the nest to seek the higher education lifestyle of a student, you forget that everything costs money. It comes as quite a shock that you have to pay for simple things like salt, bread, milk, and the precious cereals that make up 90% of a students diet. 

MoneyWhen a student receives their first instalment of student finance their eyes bulge and the little heart in their chest beats faster and faster. The sight of such a huge sum of money all for doing nothing is overwhelming. Then comes the inevitable binge that follows that first pay off, ordering dozens of takeaways, staying up all night partying, Internet shopping for things we’ll never need. Then suddenly it’s all gone, poof, no more pizza or beer the staple fuel of student life. 

The belt tightens, partying crawls to a halt, homesickness sets in, and the job hunt begins. In this economy though finding a job is hard, finding a job you can balance around your course becomes nigh impossible. Bars and nightclubs begin to overflow with new bar staff, shops find themselves swamped under mountains of CV’s and job interviews start to feel like the cult film Battle Royale. 

It’s around this time that crazy schemes spring to mind. I mean God gave you two kidneys for a reason, one to keep you alive and the other to sell on the black market. Every guy at university seems to think that sperm banks pay for donations, so that becomes a quick money making scheme. Posing for life modelling classes becomes the dream profession. There is no low point the strapped for cash student won’t sink to.

 Recently though something came to my attention, some clever mind made the connection between students and their obsession with quiz shows. I think in my years at university I’ve seen nearly every daytime quiz show. SpeedQuizzing is a new quiz event that you can host yourself at any venue you like and you can make money with SpeedQuizzing on each event! 

Using the SpeedQuizzing software you can build your own quiz that people can play using their phones. Essentially the ultimate dream for any student – earn money for sitting in the pub! It’s never difficult to entice students to partake in a quiz/evening at the pub. So stop complaining about being skint and sort out a big quiz night.

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