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Trailer: Aardman's mischievous sheep returns with an intergalactic friend in Farmageddon


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A sequel to 2015's Shaun the Sheep Movie, the upcoming Farmageddon sees the return of Shaun and his flock as they are met with their biggest potential for adventure and fun yet - the intergalactic kind. 

Film poster via Organic

After a UFO crashes near Mossy Bottom Farm, Shaun finds a tall, blue alien named LU-LA. The visitor soon enchants the gang, with her quirky glows and otherworldly burps. However, she must get home.

With the help of Shaun, little Timmy, sheep-dog Blitzer, and the rest of the gang, they must all make their way through humorous event after humorous event to reunite LU-LA and her spaceship. Against them, though, are a sinister alien-hunting organisation. It won't be an easy mission, but it will certainly be a fun one - that is, if they can avert Farmageddon.

Aardman Animations return after 2018's completely delightful caveman film Early Man, and this second trailer for Farmageddon seems to have all their usual elements present: laugh-out-loud slapstick physical comedy, subtle sight-gags, beautiful hand-crafted animation, and puns galore. "Get ready for a close encounter of the furred kind" announces the trailer, showing that Aardman's wordplay is as strong as ever.  

As always, there seems to be both fun for children and parents. Children will enjoy the emphasis on adorable noises over speech, with Shaun once again voiced by Justin Fletcher (national treasure, TV's Mr Tumble) demonstrating an extreme dexterity in voicework - emoting through noises is not easy. Additionally, LU-LA being an alien gives her a perspective akin to a young child discovering the world - the trailer shows her gnawing on toilet paper and gobbling sweets, like a baby experimenting. Meanwhile, older viewers will enjoy the usual assortment of pop-culture references and puns. 

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon will be released in UK cinemas on October 18th. Watch the trailer now. 

Lead image credit: Film poster via Organic

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