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Active Measures review - a documentary about the connection between Putin and Trump


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Verdict: ultimately frightening, the film dives deep into the hidden connection and the stark reality of the Trump administration's connection to Russia.

Image Credit: Courtesy of ARPR

Active Measures delves into the long and dirty history of the connection between Vladamir Putin and Donald Trump. If you’ve ever felt confused about claims of a connection between Russia and the Trump organisation, look no further - because this documentary breaks down every disturbing detail. What might first sound like nothing more than a collection of conspiracy theories becomes a story that is just crazy enough to be true.


The film follows the rise of both Putin and Trump into the international figures that we know today. Whilst the documentary tells the story of these two men, it also includes key interviews from 29 global experts. These are impressive interview subjectsm including Hillary Clinton, Senator John McCain, former Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton John Podesta, and former CIA Director James Woolsey.


Through these interviews, we are able to understand the motives of these two leaders more clearly, whilst also gaining an insight into Putin’s rise to power through the KGB. It focuses on his career origins, starting as the Deputy Mayor of St. Petersburg and eventually finding a network of well-connected friends who would help him gain his power.

We are able to see how he began targeting independent journalists at the beginning of his presidency - some were forced to flee, and others were killed after disagreeing with him.

Image Credit: Courtesy of ARPR

Whilst it ultimately wasn’t made entirely clear by the filmmakers, the documentary also attempts to explain the complicated relationship Putin has with the Russian mob. It uses visuals and imagery to show the connection between each mob member, and then how this links back to Putin.

The documentary also chillingly lays out the criteria that Russians search for when looking to infiltrate into the United States: they go after those who have business resources and shady morals (so that they'll be more likely to take a bribe), those who may be in difficult financial situations, and those with political aspirations. You don't need us to point out that this somewhat accurately describes Donald Trump.

Image Credit: Courtesy of ARPR

The film gives a few interesting and perhaps unknown facts about the current President of the United States, including that his history with the Russian government began much earlier than anybody thought. Many of the sources within the documentary pinpoint his involvement as beginning in the early 1980s, when he sold apartments within Trump Tower to members of the Russian mob. From there a professional business relationship grew, and eventually it became a friendship.

As we recount how his political aspirations became known, the film even goes into detail about how the Czech government had thought that his marriage to his first wife Ivana, a Czech citizen, might even help further his campaign.


While the film seems dark and dangerous, there are indeed lessons to be taken away. The film offers a confusing but earnest timeline of all the issues and connections within Trump and Putin’s relationship.


"Active measures", the name of the documentary itself, is a term for the actions of political warfare conducted by the Soviet and Russian security services to influence the course of world events. The information you’ll see within this film will certainly surprise you, and that alone is worth the watch. If not, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and James Woolsey all give professional and in-depth interviews that are enjoyable and informative.

Image Credit: Courtesy of ARPR

Your head will be spinning with all of the sudden revelations and in-depth, hidden connections that you never knew existed - connections that might just have changed the course of world history.


Active Measures will be released in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Australia and New Zealand on iTunes and across On Demand platforms on 1st April.

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