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The BFI's search for UK Filmmakers of the Future commences


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The British Film Institute are looking for motivated and aspiring young filmakers of the future to be enrolled in the courses available to them within their academies. The next academic year of September 2018-March 2019 are now accepting applications online here!

Solo: A Star Wars Story employed an extensive amount of BFI Film Academy Graduates as trainess throughout filming. One of the stars from the film, Thandie Newton, expressed the importance of taking advantage of the opportunities available to young people through BFI:

"It's imperative that people from all backgrounds see themselves in film and one of the beautiful things about BFI Film Academy is that it gives opportunities to young people from all walks of life- The programme enables young people to enter this industry from a position of passion rather than privilege"

Courses are available all across the country from Swansea to Bournemouth, Shropshire to Belfast. The Academy is considered a gold standard development programme which has the aim to discover the filmakers which will make the future of the film industry!

Upon graduation, young people from the programme have gone on to be part of both independent and blockbuster projects, such as Clio Barnard's Dark River, upcoming film Blinded By Light, as well as Kenneth Branagh's Artemis Fowl and JJ.Abrams' Star Wars Episode IX.

Since 2012, the Academy has been highly successful in giving 5,000 course places to young people across the country. This includes providing pratical experience in filmmaking, as well as paramount experience in the ins and outs of the industry in all areas. Furthermore, there is an array of opportunities available, whichever part of the film industry students want to pursue. Learning to truly appreciate film culture within the Academy embeds vital skills for young people's future career aspirations with the film industry, whilst continously strengthening their passion for film!

Project Director Jen Sobal, states: "This is the most exciting part of the process, when we throw the dorrs open and invite talented young people across the whole country to be part of the programme. I can't wait to see who will be joining us this year."

Graduates have also expressed their enthusiasm and appreciation for the programme. Maria Moss is one graduate who is grateful for all that the academy has opened up to her: "Without doing the BFI Academy, I wouldn't be where I am today.

"You get really pratical experience and get to try out an array of roles, which helped me decide what I wanted to do. Also it provides a netowrk, which has been so important, as moving from Manchester to London has been a big change, so it really gives you a great head start!"

Another Academy graduate, Nathan Lloyd, expressed his thoughts, stating: "It'll demistify  what goes on behind-the-scenes and equip you with all the foundation level skills and understanding needed for working in the industry. Through completing the BFI Film Academy course and Future Skills programme, I am now a working member of the UK film industry"

Graduates go on to join the alumuni network, which holds opportunities  like BAFTA mentorships and the Future Skills programme that is in partnership with LucasFilm. The Future Skills programme has been a launch pad in careers within the industry, especially for those in un represented groups. The programme is continuing this year, with a further 30 paid trainees being involved in a large amount of  craft and technical roles.

The course costs £25, but if applicants are unable to pay the full course fee, there are ways around this issue- Bursaries are also available for childcare and travel costs that can occur. The Academy is a key aspect of the BFI's 2022 stragety for supporting and representing young people from all backgrounds, allowing development within the industry and giving opportunities for more people to build a lifelong future with film.

Eligibility for the course involves being within the 16-19 age range and not currently enrolled in a University throughout the duration of the programme.

The next academic year of September 2018-March 2019 are now accepting applications online here!

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