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Simon Pegg and Nick Frost reunite for Slaughterhouse Rulez


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It’s been five years since Simon Pegg and Nick Frost teamed up on the big screen, but they’re back with Slaughterhouse Rulez, starring Asa Butterfield, Michael Sheen, Finn Cole and Hermione Corfield; directed by Cristian Mills, who worked with Pegg on A Fantastic Fear of Everything, for which Pegg won Best Male actor at Toronto After Dark film festival; and written by Mills and Henry Fitzherbert.

Fans of the affectionately known Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, consisting of Shaun of the Dead (2004), Hot Fuzz (2007), and The World’s End (2013) will be used to the combined antics of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg in cinematic form. Now that it’s been half a decade since their last gory outing, the trailer promises a welcome return to the blood, guts, and laughs that movie audiences have come to expect from the duo. Slaughterhouse Rulez is the first film released by Pegg and Frost’s television and film production company, Stolen Pic.

The trailer introduces the audience to a private preparatory school, headmastered by Sheen, with a sinkhole in the on-ground woods that, according to Frost’s dishevelled, gold-toothed character, is a “gateway that leads straight down to Hell.” This Hell gateway, one would assume, is the provider of the terror that is sure to follow the students and teachers of Slaughterhouse School.

It has a Harry Potter (complete with an uncanny Draco Malfoy look-alike) mixed with St. Trinian’s feel, sprinkled with monsters, and seems very on-brand with Pegg and Frost’s previous horror-comedies.

Slaughterhouse Rulez looks to be a fantastic Cornetto trilogy-adjacent film with well-paced and well-delivered comedy throughout. The trailer is conservative in the amount of violence it shows, so it remains to be seen whether it will be as bloody as the Cornetto trilogy, but with a name like Slaughterhouse, it’s safe to assume there will be blood. Though there is no mention of a Cornetto…

Slaughterhouse Rulez hits cinemas on October 31st.


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