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The trailer for the new Slender Man is here


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The second trailer for upcoming horror film Slender Man has dropped and it’s hard not to get excited. The slender man figure has featured in playground horror stories for years now and finally we have the chance to see the urban myth of this long limbed monster come to life on the big screen.

From both trailers, the film looks dark, disturbing and disorientating with frequent blinking images of horrifying drawings and flashes of the silhouette of the Slender Man scattered here and there. Combine this with the amplified high-pitched score and washed out colours of the cinematography and you have a recipe for a decent horror.

In terms of scare factor this second trailer has nothing on the first, which was released in January and in all honesty, shook me to my core. Having said that although the second trailer is less intense, it gives us a clearer sense of the direction the film will take us in. We already know it’s going to be horrifying after the first trailer; we don’t need to be shown the same thing again. 

Instead the second trailer tells us that the film will follow three school girls led by child actress turned teen star Joey King (recently seen on Netflix’s The Kissing Booth), as they attempt to make contact with the slender man following the recent disappearance of their friend. In the search for their friend they find that the most recent site she visited was one containing a picture of the slender man in all his black and white and horrifying glory. The slender man looks as if he will take control of the girls throughout the film, driving them into fits of insanity and pushing them into horrific acts of violence. 

So far the film looks terrifying and we can all begin to get excited about it, but let’s hope that director Sylvain White and writer David Burke do justice to the chilling monster that has plagued many a childhood nightmare. 

Slender Man is scheduled to be released on August 24th. 

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