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10 year anniversary of WALL-E - the film whose warning is as urgent as ever


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It's been ten years since the futuristic film about the little lonely robot was made and every year since, we have moved closer to the predicted reality presented in the film.

The memorable and adored animated Disney movie WALL-E may be a work of fiction, but the far-fetched dystopian image of human life is quickly becoming a reflection of our current society. From the virtual screens and lack of face to face interaction, to the extensive levels of waste and pollution, the made up reality, set 787 years from now, seemed unimaginable. Not to mention self-driving chairs. Why were they ever a thing?

Much more than just a sweet family film, WALL-E predicted and showcased a lonely and bleak future, one that is looking more and more familiar every day.

Here is a (distressing) list of all of the ways that WALL-E predicted our future.

1. Screen Time

wall-e screen

Advancements in technology are happening at the fastest rate the world has ever seen, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it isn’t all good either. Platforms like Virtual Reality and interactive media are undeniably impressive and innovative, but they shouldn't be constantly dictating our daily lives. In WALL-E, the humans rely solely on screens and social media to interact with their peers, something that could soon and easily become our world's reality.

2. Waste and Pollution

wall-e pollution

Arguably the most important theme, the ever-rising amount of waste and pollution that our planet faces is a significant danger. In the events of the film, the entire population have been evacuated into a spaceship in the sky, the consequences of not looking after the planet having taken their toll. Every single year humans produce over 2.12 billion tonnes of waste, with a large portion of it going into landfills or, even more importantly, the ocean.

Equally as dangerous, the large amount of pollution that is produced is not only harming us daily, but also the future generations to come. Whilst most of the damage has already been done, there is still time and room for change to prevent any further lasting effects. 

3. Robots and Artificial Intelligence

wall-e robots

Similar to the growth of interactive screens and online platforms, advancements have and still are rapidly being made with the invention of artificial intelligence. In the film, robots can essentially think for themselves, capable of making decisions and choices. Much like the film's depiction, the capabilities of A.I. models today are becoming increasingly independent, proven in 2015 when a study revealed that ‘certain damaged robots could fix themselves and adapt to their injuries.’

4. Ad’s and Consumerism

wall-e ads

It’s difficult to state the exact number of advertisements that are exhibited around the world on a daily basis, but it’s fair to assume the number is high. Exposed to us via social networks, shops, schools, workplaces - pretty much everywhere -, the rise of consumerism is also unsurprisingly large.

Pixar and Disney created a loveable and quirky animation, that is filled with heart, substance, and complete meaning. The film presents a glimpse into what could be our near future if we don’t start making changes to our habits and general care of the world around us. WALL-E is more than just an enjoyable and memorable film, it is also a warning and an opportunity for change.

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