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The new Venom trailer bites


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The new trailer for Venom has arrived, the first part of Sony’s planned Spidey-verse that is separate from the main Marvel Cinematic Universe. You finally see Venom in his full guise, and… sheesh. Whatever the movie ends up being like, they seem to have nailed the grotesque look of Spiderman’s greatest adversary. Its just enough to distract attention from Tom Hardy’s very peculiar accent.

A bit more context is given, and deviations from the comics become clear. Eddie Brock (Hardy) is a reporter, not a photographer, and becomes tied up with the arrival of a creepy autonomous goo, a.k.a. a symbiote, being kept in a secret establishment run by Dr Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed). Through some way or another, the symbiote manages to get onto Eddie, and Venom is born, bugging Brock as the voice inside his head that won’t stop going on about fighting people.

The spewing of black tentacles out of Brock’s body suggests how director Ruben Fleishcher gets around the whole Venom-gets-his-powers-from-Spiderman predicament, given how Tom Holland’s web slinger will not be part of this universe (not yet anyway, but there are rumours). What is less clear is exactly what Venom is doing, and there is still no sign of Woody Harrelson’s character – rumoured to be the twisted rival symbiote Carnage. The Hashtag Show claims that Carnage will be left until the very end and not be part of the main story.

Right now Venom looks like a mixture of a dark superhero flick and a toned down sci-fi horror. Exactly what form this beast takes will become clear when the film arrives in cinemas this October.

Venom will be released on the 5th October 2018, distributed by Sony Pictures. 

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