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What could you fit in if you had '24 Hours to Live'?


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24 Hours To Live follows Travis Conrad (Oscar nominee Ethan Hawke), a hired assassin who is killed when a job goes horribly wrong.

When he, improbably, wakes up — convulsing to life on an operating table — he realises he’s been given 24 hours to complete one final mission.  24 Hours to Live is an action packed, edge-of-your-seat tale of revenge and redemption.

In a world where cinema is saturated with action films, what sets this one apart? The ultimate race against time puts a whole new spin on things, keeping both Travis and the audience viscerally aware of every second that ticks by.

Here are some stats about the action that really put in to context just how much can be packed in to one day. It’ll make you feel super bad about your ability to binge a whole Netflix series in a day.

536: The number of shots fired in Travis Conrad’s brutal fight for his chance at redemption. That’s an average of 10 bullets fired per second.

115: the number of weapons fired. That’s an impressive number of barrels for one man to stare down.

136: the number of people taken out during the course of Travis’ final mission.

2: the number of thrilling, edge-of-your-seat car chases in Travis’ race against the clock.

1,440: the number of minutes on the clock as Travis tries to make up for a lifetime of mistakes in just 24 hours. 

Let this serve as inspiration about how much you really can fit into one day… but maybe don’t leave your revision until 24 hours before an exam! We can’t all be as much of a go-getter as Travis!

24 Hours To Live is available on Digital Download and DVD & Blu-ray™ now. Courtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment UK

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