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The best films coming to Netflix UK this March


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This month brings a great mix of exclusive Netflix originals, new, and old films, packing our favourite streaming service with enough must-watch hits to tide you over into spring. And don’t forget to also check out our March TV roundup!

 1. Midnight Special – 8th March

When his child begins to exhibit supernatural abilities, Roy Tomlin (Oscar nominee Michael Shannon) and his son must go on the run to keep him out of the hands of religious extremists and law enforcement. A masterful blend of science fiction and fantasy by the wonderful Jeff Nichols, this film promises to be a hit with anyone who’s suffering from Stranger Things withdrawal.

2. The Jungle Book – 10th March

Spectacular digital animation collides with old-fashioned storytelling to create a faithful, but more complex, remake of the original Disney favourite. Not only are the visuals absolutely stunning, but the remake maintains the fun and excitement of the original even as audiences know the story, making it an all-around success.

3. Annihilation – 12th March

The Ex Machina writer-director Alex Garland returns with this adaption of Jeff VanderMeer’s award-winning horror/science fiction novel. Whilst Paramount got spooked by test audiences finding the film too “complicated” or “intellectual”, and thus sold the rights to Netflix instead, what is likely to come of this is an uncompromised product of Garland’s vision. And if Ex Machina was anything to go by, this will be one of the season’s must-watch.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy – 20th March

A talking raccoon, Vin Diesel as a tree, and the best retro soundtrack to grace this earth? What more could anyone want? This witty, hilarious and self-aware bubblegum film sees Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord lead a ragtag bunch of criminals and mercenaries on a quest to save the galaxy.

5. The Man from U.N.C.L.E. – 25th March

Beautiful stylish, hilarious and with a killer cast, this is another film to add to your must-watch list this March. This high-energy yet light-hearted film offers an origin myth to the cult 60s show, about two spies from opposite sides of the Iron Curtain having to team up to take down a common enemy. The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is simply great fun.

6. Bridge to Terabithia – 28th March

Easily one of the best films of this generation’s childhoods, this novel adaptation is an affecting and sensitive story about a transformative friendship between Jess and Leslie, and has immense emotional depth for a ‘children’s film’. Best to have the tissues nearby, however, and be prepared for laughs and tears.  

7. Nightcrawler – 30th March

Jake Gyllenhaal gives one of his best performances as an icy and unnervingly driven cameraman in this satire and psychological thriller. Everything from the casting, to the cinematography and dialogue is truly excellent, succeeding in making viewers feel cold and uneasy for the film’s entire duration, and for a while after.

8. God’s Own Country – 31st March

An understated, moving contemplation on loneliness and intimacy, this BAFTA-nominated film sees a young farmer who works in brutal isolation on his family’s farm in rural England, filling his nights with binge-drinking and sex. That is, until a migrant worker arrives at the farm and changes his life forever; the result is a beautifully tender love story from Francis Lee.

9. Whiplash – 31st March

Another release to look forward to on the very last day of the month, Whiplash explores the unbearable pressures put onto a young jazz drummer by himself and his teacher at a fiercely competitive music school. It makes for an unexpectedly engrossing, gripping and emotionally-draining watch, and it’s really no surprise that it won three Oscars, three BAFTAs and a Golden Globe.


Happy watching!

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