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'It plays on the obsession people have with cats' - An interview with 3rd Night director, Adam Graveley


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Australian director Adam Graveley premiered his debut film 3rd Night at specialist horror film festival, FrightFest, in London this year.

Credit: StarNow

The National Student spoke to him to discuss the themes of his new horror as well as the challenges of no-budget filmmaking.

Graveley’s influence for the film comes from an interesting news story he had come across from upstate New York. “A family were terrorised by an unknown ‘Watcher’ who left creepy notes for them to find. I had just moved into our new home so married the two with a lot of creative license.” 

Other than moving home, 3rd Night also has a running theme of cats throughout. Graveley says that this is because “it plays on the obsession people have with cats and pets in general.” He explains how Megan, one of the film’s lead characters, is given a sense of purpose by her pet cat, Nook, as she is trying to find him throughout. Nook also acts as a point of tension between Megan and Jonathon, Megan's partner, Graveley says, and is the cause of most of the conflict between them.

Cats also play a role in the activities of 3rd Night’s antagonist, who, towards the end of the film, can be seen wearing a cat mask. “The killer wearing the cat mask is a final torment and plays on the idea that she’ll wear a mask of whatever she kills.” Graveley goes on to explain that when she calls Clare, the little girl towards the end of the film, a kitten "it suggests that she’ll put her in the oven like she did Nook, so I like to think that she’ll wear her face as a mask for her next victims.”

3rd Night being a no-budget horror meant that for Graveley and his crew, every scene was a challenging one. “Budget and money dictates everything you can and can’t do so there were a lot of compromises but great learning.” He goes on to say "we saw 3rd Night as our film school so we’re all proud of what we were able to achieve on our own.”

On horror in general, Graveley believes that a film in the genre is a success if it “lives on in your mind after you’ve seen it and gives you the creeps when you’re alone in your house.” Some of the director’s biggest horror influences include Speilberg’s classic Jaws and Roman Polanski's Rosemary’s Baby, whilst adding that Tim Curry's performance as It “really fucked me up as a kid!”

You can read more about Adam Graveley and the rest of the 3rd Night crew by going to or by following @3rdNightMovie on Twitter. 

3rd Night was screened as part of FrighFest 2017's schedule.

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