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“We are 7 billion people on the planet. This is the century where we have to make it work” – an interview with Eddie Izzard


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A man of many talents, comedian, endurance runner, political activist, writer and actor, Eddie Izzard takes on a new role as the son of Queen Victoria in Stephen Frears’ Victoria and Abdul.

The National Student spoke to Eddie Izzard about the story of the unlikely friendship between Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim, and his role as Bertie in the film.

Izzard has always been a vocal advocate of his views and passions, and his recounting of his experience on this film is no different.

The actor saw the positivity in the story at a time of Trump hate, Brexit and a “negative feeling of separation running high”, with Victoria and Abdul being a story of “love across a great divide.”

Izzard also spoke about the film’s message of the need to go beyond class boundaries, seeing everyone as a human being and giving everyone the chance to love another person.

Watch the full interview below.

Victoria and Abdul releases in cinemas 15th September.


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