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The official trailer for My Friend Dahmer is a must-watch


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The official trailer for 2017’s biographical drama My Friend Dahmer, based on the graphic novels by Derf Backderf, has been released, giving us insight into the early days of the man who would go on to be the infamous Milwaukee Cannibal.

Set in 1978, the film follows a teenage Jeffrey Dahmer (Ross Lynch) as he deals with bullies, isolation and family conflict. The film appears to focus on the factors that may have influenced Dahmer’s future actions as we see his gradual descent into madness.

His vacant stares, a reliance on alcohol and animated outbursts at school are all signs of Dahmer’s inner demons and troubling mindset that would later lead to the rape and murder of seventeen male victims between 1978 and 1991.

Ross Lynch proves to be a fitting choice for the role through the way he silently demands your attention which, when paired with an increasingly tense score, gives the trailer, and no doubt the film as a whole, a deeply eerie and unsettling atmosphere.

The camera shots and editing of this trailer, as well as the film’s fresh new cast, promise a new take on the serial killer genre, making this film a must-see in 2017.

Check out the official trailer below.


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