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Pennywise the Clown terrifies again in the new IT trailer


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Warner Bros has released the latest trailer for the upcoming film adaptation of Stephen King’s IT.

The new footage shows off a lot more of Bill Skarsgård's terrifying looking Pennywise the Clown, including some new dialogue from the iconic antagonist. Through footage of Skarsgård, we also see some of the film’s scares, with the kid-killing clown confronting multiple members of the "Losers Club".

We also get a better look at some of IT’s lead characters with Bill Denbrough and Mike Hanlon, played by Jaeden Lieberher and Chosen Jacobs respectively, giving details about how the film's setting of Derry is cursed. 

The film looks to be a more faithful adaptation of the best-selling novel with the newest trailer showcasing one of Ben Hanscom’s (Jeremy Ray Taylor) confrontations with bully Henry Bowers (Nicholas Hamilton) as well as previous footage showing us Richie Tozier’s (Finn Wolfhard) “voices”.

King himself has attended an early screening of the film and posted on his official website back in March that fans shouldn’t worry as “the producers have done a wonderful job with the production.”

The film looks to be much more horrifying than the 1990 adaptation, with Pennywise’s new design and attitude seeming far less comical and more sinister in comparison to Tim Curry’s memorable portrayal.

Anticipation for IT will continue to build up until its release in the UK on September 8th.

Until then, check out the newest trailer below.

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