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Man sues date for excessive texting during Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II


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It's always frustrating when you go and see a big blockbuster only for someone to distract you by constantly texting. 

The solution? Well for Brandon Vezmar of Austin, the only possible action is suing.

He's filed a petition at a small claims court in Texas to claim back the $17.31 for his move tickets for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II, after his companion spent her time on the device.

His petition states: "While damages sought are modest, the principle is important as defendant's behavior is a threat to civilized society".

Vezmar alledges that his date "activated her phone at least 10-20 times in 15 minutes to read and send text messages". When he politely requested her to stop, she refused. Eventually, he asked her to go outside, at which point she left the cinema - and apparently also left Vezmar without a ride home.

Brandon, who described the experience "as kind of a first date from hell" admitted texting during movies is "one of my biggest pet peeves".

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn clearly saw the funny side as well, tweeting "Why stop at suing? She deserves jail time!", after seeing the story reported in the American Statesman.

Although the story might seem comical, it is no laughing matter for unnamed accused.

When asked for her size of the story, she claimed she had no idea about the accusations against her - despite Brandon saying he had texted her a few days regarding the price of the ticket. 

Defending herself, she said, "I had my phone low and I wasn't bothering anybody. It wasn't like constant texting. I'm not a bad woman. I just went out on a date".

It's probably safe to assume that Vezmar will go and see Guardians Vol. III alone when it comes out in a few years.

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