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Johnny Depp and the Make A Film Foundation collaborate to fulfil young man's dying wish


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Actors Johnny Depp, Laura Dern and J.K. Simmons came together with the Make A Film Foundation to star in 16-year old Anthony Conti’s zombie movie, The Black Ghiandola.

Conti, who had the dream to write and star in his own zombie film, was suffering from terminal cancer when he reached out to the Make A Film Foundation in late 2016.

Credit: Hollywood Reporter

Depp and his fellow actors joined the project along with other high profile names including David Lynch and Sam Raimi, who all took part in a five-day professional shoot in Hollywood.

The film was shot last November and premiered on the 22nd of April this year. 

Sadly, Anthony passed away in January before getting the chance to see the completed film.

However, all those involved in the project attended the screening in Beverly Hills to celebrate his life.

This is just another example of some of the fantastic work the Make A Film Foundation has been doing for the past 11 years, after being founded by Tamika Lamison in 2006.

The Black Ghiandola is the fourth film produced by the foundation, which focuses on helping children with life threatening diseases achieve their dreams in the world of film.

The previous three films produced were The Magic Bracelet, Deep Blue Breath and Put it in a Book. All short films were made as part of the foundation's Short Narrative programme, which involves the movie being given a red-carpet premiere and a screening in the home town of the participant.

The foundation also has a documentary program called ‘VIDZ 4 KIDZ’, which teaches children with serious or life-threatening diseases how to make short mini-movies in two to three hours. Again, these movies are edited and given a screening at a red-carpet event for the children who took part. A variety of well known actors and directors have taken part in the foundation's various projects including Kerry Washington, Ernie Hudson and Marc Forster all being involved in previous productions.

The foundation is also broadening its scope with its first international project entitled, The Nepal Project, in which they are aiming to raise awareness for autism and cerebral palsy in Nepal through a documentary.

The organisation is funded primarily by donations that go directly towards thier programmes. Their short films range between a budget of fifty to a hundred thousand dollars, which is very little in comparison to some of the huge movie budgets of today.

Hopefully the foundation can continue its great work and succeed in helping more people like Anthony get the opportunity to cement their legacy in film.

More information about the Make A Film Foundation can be found on their homepage.

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