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The A-holes are back in the latest kick-ass trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


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It’s been a long ol’ wait, but everybody’s favourite intergalactic idiots are finally back in action, and trust us, they’ve never looked better. 

James Gunn debuted the first full-length trailer for his hugely-anticipated blockbuster follow-up at Brazil Comic-Con this weekend, causing Marvel and sci-fi fans the world over to almost literally keel over with excitement. 

Packed out with plenty of obelisk-slaying action, adorable Baby Groot moments, Gunn’s trademark cutting wit, and a totally slamming soundtrack thanks to Sweet’s 1975 hit ‘Fox On The Run’; based on this early look alone, the Guardians sequel definitely seems like an upgrade on the first. There are even a few nods at some newer characters too, to fully whet that appetite for what is sure to be an even bigger and bolder outing for Marvel’s go-to band of misfits. 

Yep, as a little epilogue to the main bulk of the (thankfully plotless) action, we get a first glimpse of Pom Klementieff’s soon-to-be thoroughly iconic Mantis, who through some jedi-style meditative training unlocked the ability to sense the emotions of others, as well as her basic powers which include telepathy with plants. And considering Groot’s still around (albeit in a total different guise), it’s pretty clear that this will come in mighty handy in the long run. 

So overall: Star Lord, Rocket and co. are still at their best, Baby Groot has never been more adorable, and with plenty more developments (like, I don’t know, what the hell Kurt Russell’s living planet looks like or y’know, the actual plot of the film) still to be revealed, April simply can’t come soon enough. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be released in the UK on 28th April 2017. 

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