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Check out Dawn of the Deaf, one of the most unique zombie movies ever


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Exciting new director Rob Savage just debuted his zombie short Dawn of the Deaf to huge acclaim at festivals all around the world, and it’s totally different to anything you’ve ever seen before. 

Y’see, unlike pretty much every other run-of-the-mill undead horror, Savage’s short has a killer core concept: what if the only people who survived a zombie outbreak all just so happened to be deaf? 

The film itself - all 11 minutes of it - zeroes in on a select group of deaf individuals, played out by a mixed cast of deaf and hearing actors, as they battle their daily struggles in the hours leading up to ‘The Pulse’, a deadly frequency that kills off (then promptly reanimates) almost the entire population. 

Other than obviously, y’know, the people that can’t actually hear it. And so, one of the freshest and most interesting zombie movie ideas was born. 

Savage has already premiered the film at festivals all over the globe, including our very own HorrorChannel FrightFest, and it will soon be shown at the even bigger and fancier likes of the BFI London Film Festival too, next month. 

There is only one slight problem with all of this: Dawn of the Deaf is only just getting off the ground. The short is really an introduction to Savage’s world; a proof of concept that needs all of the love in the world in order to encourage the powers that be to fund his crazy ambitious plan for a feature-length version. 

With any luck, Dawn of the Deaf will reach the audience it deserves, and in a few short years, we’ll have the finished project. Only time will tell - but if you love the idea (and the trailer below), make sure you give Rob and his crew all of the love and support possible! 

Dawn of the Deaf will be showing at a number of festivals over the coming months. Be sure to follow its progress through the official website here and on Twitter @DOTDMovie. 

Dawn of the Deaf (2016) Trailer from Rob Savage on Vimeo.

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