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10 of the Most Bonkers Films at FrightFest 2016


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As FrightFest draws nearer and nearer, we zero in on some of the must-see releases from this year’s festival. 

It’s just a month to go until horror fans from around the globe descend on Shepherd’s Bush for five days of unending terror. 

66 premieres, 26 shorts and countless special guests: be prepared for the UK’s boldest and best genre festival.

And there’s no better way to prepare than to take a closer look at some of the most interesting additions coming to London this August. 

So without much further ado, here are 10 films not to be missed from this year’s FrightFest. 

Night of Something Strange

Friday 26th August - Discovery Screen 1

Billed as one of the trashiest, bloodiest and most down-right disgusting horrors in some time, Jonathan Straiton’s motel-set, gore-fest finds the building’s guests falling prey to a sexually transmitted zombie disease.

The tagline? “Don’t forget your rubbers… and bazooka.” Expect to be drenched in both blood and bodily fluids when this one hits: a crowd-pleaser in the making. 

They Call Me Jeeg Robot

Friday 26th August - Main Screens

DIY superhero movies were all the rage a few years ago but seemed to have all but dried up more recently. Italian director Gabriele Mainetti doesn’t seem to care though, throwing forward this blackly funny tale of an everyman who finds himself waging war against a local gangster after accidentally gaining superpowers. 

Already a hit in its homeland, the FrightFest guys are calling Jeeg Robot a cross between Deadpool and The Toxic Avenger, which definitely sounds like a winner to us!

Sadako vs. Kayako

Saturday 27th August - Main Screens

We were all a little upset when it was revealed that Adam Wingard’s The Woods (now revealed to be Blair Witch) wouldn’t quite be making it to London this summer, but the edge was definitely more than taken off by the announcement of this bonkers J-horror treat. 

The long-awaited team-up between the Ringu and Grudge franchises sees the two titular spirits going head to head. I think it’s safe to say that for horror fans, Batman and Superman has nothing on this. 

Beyond the Gates

Saturday 27th August - Main Screens

Jackson Stewart’s pulpy debut finds two brothers, reunited in the wake of their father’s death, coming face to face with an aging VHS-based board game, that soon draws them into some form of otherworldly plot. 

What might at first seem quite straight forward soon becomes a positively deluded cavalcade of blood and guts, all wrapped up in plenty of classic paranormal fantasy-style imagery. 

Can’t forget that it also features cult-tastic scream-queen Barbara Crampton from Re-Animator too!

Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies

Saturday 27th August - Discovery Screen 1

Do I really have to explain why you need to go and see a film called Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies? It literally does exactly what it says on the tin, and then some. 

Blood Feast

(2016) Saturday 27th August - Main Screens / (1963) Sunday 28th August - Discovery Screen 2

Gore-fans are in for a treat with this pairing, as Hershel Gordon Lewis’s classic 60s trash treat Blood Feast will be thrown up on the big screen alongside Marcel Walz’s demented modern-day re-imagining. 

Derived from a bonkers plot involving ancient Egyptian blood rituals and a standard slice of good ol’ cannibalism, Blood Feast has been a cult classic for decades and if you haven’t seen it already, now is most definitely your chance. 


Sunday 28th August - Main Screens

Grindhouse lover and hard rock icon Rob Zombie’s films certainly aren’t for everyone, but his latest, 31, looks to be arguably his most bonkers effort yet, meaning we simply couldn’t ignore it. 

Detailing the sadistic, madcap torture of a group of kidnapped carnival workers, this one finds plenty of the most sadistic traps imaginable, a kick ass soundtrack, and Malcolm McDowell in a funny wig. What more could you ask for?


Sunday 28th August - Discovery Screen 2

FrightFest devotees will likely remember the horror anthology V/H/S from quite some years ago, and those with even more sophisticated memories will definitely recall the totally nuts ‘Amateur Night’ section, which found a group of hard-partying dudes set upon by a mysterious female monster. 

Fast-forward a few years and Dance of the Dead’s Gregg Bishop brings us a feature-length version, promising more sex, more shocks and even more vicious, monster-based depravity than ever before. Sign us up. 


Monday 29th August - Main Screens

Likely to be one of the festival’s more subdued efforts, this doesn’t make Monolith any less of a must-see, bringing 30 Rock star Katrina Bowden into an insanely contemporary road-set nightmare. 

Basically billed as 2001 in a car, Monolith finds a young woman trapped at the side of the road when her 2 year-old son accidentally locks himself inside her brand-new ultra-high-tech computer-controlled SUV. Sounds like there’s definitely a psychological treat on the cards here. 

Prevenge (Exclusive Footage)


This one’s much more up in the air, and not even a finished film, but we just simply HAD to mention it somewhere: Alice Lowe, comic star of Brit favourites Sightseers and last year’s Aaaaaaaaah! has been working on her directorial debut - whilst heavily pregnant. 

The brilliantly titled Prevenge finds Lowe herself in the mix, alongside plenty of other recognisable faces, in what is possibly the world’s first pregnant revenge thriller. Specific plot details are still somewhat under wraps but it’s safe to say that we’re very, very excited. 

With this one, Lowe hasn’t so much shattered the glass ceiling, as she has firmly and finely disemboweled it. Words cannot describe how exciting this one is. 

Obviously this is but a mere smattering of the full bunch of twisted treats that’ll be showing over the long weekend, so by all means take a wander over to the FrightFest schedule page ( and take a look at what else will be showing too - if we could highlight them all we would!

Tickets are now on sale (and disappearing fast) so it’s time to start planning and if you’re STILL not sold, check out the official festival trailer below: it’s certain to knock your socks (and possibly even the attached feet too) cleanly off. 

FrightFest 2016, sponsored by the HorrorChannel, runs from 25th-29th August. More info can be found here:

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