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5 Reasons to Get Excited About FrightFest 2016


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With political horrors apparently spreading across the nation, why not distract yourself with the fictional kind for a change? 

The UK’s leading horror film festival, and arguably one of the cinematic calendar’s most underrated events, FrightFest, returns for its 17th year on the trot, promising more scares and screams than ever before.

The flagship, London-based fest that’s been terrifying horror fans since 2000 with first-look screenings of everything from Donnie Darko to The Human Centipede and most recently, The Hallow, as well as special guests ranging from horror legends to hotshot new directors, is likely to be another sure-fire hit. 

Still not sold? Here’s five reasons to donate the last weekend in August to this gloriously gory cause.

1. It’s more than just a film festival. 

If the promise of bucketloads of brand spanking new horror delights somehow isn’t quite enough (why wouldn’t it be?) rest assured the FrightFest team still have plenty of fun stuff on offer. Those still uneducated in the ways of the classics should look out for alternative screenings of previous fan favourites, from Hellraiser to Hawk the Slayer, whilst there’s also a whole bunch of clever quizzes and other more social events on the cards too. 

2. You’re about to meet the next generation of filmmaking talent… 

In the past FF has championed all sorts of upcoming talent from the likes of Ben Wheatley, Neil Marshall and even Park Chan-wook. Last year they set the stage for Corin Hardy to strike a deal with Paramount, so who knows what’s next. Hell, you could even be sat next to them. 

3. You’ll always discover something new. 

Even hardcore horror heads who’ve been busy building the community ever since Argento was in nappies still seem to find a new side to their beloved genre every year. Whether it’s a supernatural chiller that changes your stance on haunted houses, or an ageing giallo that opens up an entire new world of cinema for you, FF showcases the many, many sides of horror, including the bits you didn’t even know existed.

4. It’s bigger than ever!

Due to some renovation issues with the festival’s usual home at the Vue in Leicester Square, it seems that all screenings this year will take place just down the road at the Vue Shepherd’s Bush, freeing up 12 possible screens. That’s three times the seating and three times the film-related fun! A lot to get excited about. 

5. FrightFest has the best fans in the world! 

Gone is the occasional snootiness of the BFI, or the constant scold of the high-art lovers London so often attracts - FrightFest is all about blood, guts and cheesy scares, and its fans know and love that to their very core. Expect cheering crowds and lively discussion; this is a festival made by the fans, for the fans. It might well prove to be the least pretentious weekend of your life. 

The FrightFest 2016 line-up and ticket information will be announced on 1st July and the festival itself runs from 25th-29th August. More info can be found here.

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