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5 ways Brexit is basically the same as Independence Day: Resurgence


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Is our Independence Day really all that different from Hollywood king of destruction Roland Emmerich’s?

You’ve seen the headlines, the Facebook posts and the seemingly worldwide panic: the UK is on course to leave the European Union following a historic referendum last night. 

The British exit or ‘Brexit’ supporters trumped those wanting to remain by the tiniest margin, but it counts all the same. UKIP leader Nigel Farage declared it Britain’s ‘independence day’, The Sun even used the movie poster for Roland Emmerich’s latest big-budget sequel Independence Day: Resurgence on their front page. People laughed - but are they really all that different after all? 

A film about Earth crumbling beneath the vengeful fist of an alien invasion we had successfully fought off 20 years earlier. True, it doesn’t sound all that familiar politically speaking, but there are plenty of parallels.

So, in place of a standard review, here are five reasons this so-called Brexit rivals ID2 in its poor taste, terrible leadership and just all-round awfulness. 

1. It’s mind-numbingly stupid.

Emmerich’s first Independence Day remains one of the most successful and celebrated disaster movies of all time, despite its lack of brains. Its flabby sequel however, is somehow even stupider, and lacks any of the charm to get away with it either. Characters literally fight each other over who gets to commit suicide, on multiple occasions, whilst others sit back preaching the importance of a ‘world republic’ whilst loudly waving American flags. You apparently can write this stuff. 

Much in the same way, the thought of leaving the EU, ditching our own economic safety, along with a whole boat-load of human rights sanctions and y’know, a generally decent relationship with our nearest international neighbours, seems absolutely fucking insane. 

2. It’s created by a total imbecile. 

Roland Emmerich has arguably never made a ‘good’ movie. He’s made some enjoyably terrible ones, and some that are just about passable, but as a filmmaker, he seems to be primarily concerned with stuffing his films with severely washed-out green screen sequences and mass amounts of destruction with no real significant motivation. 

It’s very possible that the whole Brexit situation would never have actually happened without the constant, deafening remarks of UKIP’s Nigel Farage, a borderline racist (well, we used ‘borderline’ to be nice) who was too extreme to even be allowed to take part in the official campaign. The man barely even has any affiliation with government after losing his own constituency and so seems to have taken it upon himself to morph into some sort of spineless hate preacher instead. 

Okay, in fact, here Brexit wins: Farage is worse. Just look at that face. 

3. It’s a half-baked mess. 

It’s pretty damn obvious throughout Resurgence that story is much less of a factor than shit blowing up. Emmerich blindly wanders into the middle of another alien invasion plot without really figuring out the specifics, before trying to tie everything together at the very last minute and ultimately ending up with far too much shit hitting the fan at once. 

Sound familiar? Team Brexit have absolutely no idea what they are doing. They never believed they would get this far. Farage even stated before the results started adding up that he expected Britain to remain in the EU. And now they’re left twiddling their thumbs, desperately trying to cobble together whatever the hell we, as a nation, should be doing. Literally the blind leading the blind. 

4. Europe is doomed.

You’ve most likely seen it in the trailers so it’s not much of a spoiler to say that cities get absolutely decimated in Resurgence, the worst being, oddly enough, London. Millions of people perish beneath giant alien laser-beams, tidal waves wipe out building after building and huge, famous landmarks are used to destroy… other landmarks. One thing that’s certain I guess in any Emmerich film is absolute destruction. 

Back here in reality though, Europe and London may not be experiencing physical destruction but make no mistake, underneath, the continent we all know and live in is certainly still doomed. Without our support, other countries have already started to show early nerves and the EU finds itself surfing very tricky waters indeed. 

5. Only Jeff Goldblum can save it. 

The single shining beacon of Resurgence, the one source of personality and charisma, the great Jeff Goldblum could also be our only hope of economic prosperity. He made the film a little more bearable, maybe he can do the same for post-Brexit Britain too. 

I’m not quite sure how just yet, but he always seems to find a way out of these sorts of sticky situations, and with Cameron on his way out, there’s an opening he could very easily fill… what do you say Jeff, lend us a hand? 

Independence Day: Resurgence is out now in UK cinemas, but you don’t have to watch it (I strongly suggest that you don’t) and it’ll most likely be gone in a month. Brexit however, is unavoidable and is definitely here to stay. 

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