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Film Review: Everybody Wants Some


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“This is the best day of my life – until tomorrow.”

Everybody Wants SomeThe above line from Richard Linklater’s spiritual follow-up to 1993 classic Dazed and Confused, Everybody Wants Some pretty much sums the central theme of this contender for best film of 2016.

For what is essentially a movie about the hazing of new recruits by a bunch of college baseball ‘bros’ Linklater delivers a nuanced and effortlessly entertaining ode to the bittersweet joy of youth.

Jumping forward to the start of the 80s Everybody Wants Some joins Jake (Blake Jenner) as he starts his first days at college in Texas, joining a ‘baseball house’ filled with a band of characters living life to the full. The movie traverses the first few days leading up to the start of class – the parties, the first practice, the nights out, the camaraderie and of course their interactions with campus women.

A secondary plot tying the movie together is Jake’s meeting, and forming a relationship with Performing Arts student Beverly (Zoey Deutch), which is treated with a subtlety that brings it close enough to real experiences to make it totally endearing.

Just like Dazed and Confused Linklater has thrown standard cinematic narrative structure and form out of the window allowing his incisive and brilliantly witty script to breath, leading to many laugh-out-loud moments.

When the absurd enters into a scene, it is almost down-played as simply part of college life – which makes it all the funnier.

This is all delivered by an exceptional ensemble cast that should all become big names in the near future, especially the actors forming the key group within the baseball team. Their energy, comic timing and chemistry make them loveable, even at their worst.

Dazed and Confused made stars of its unknown principal players Matthew McConaughey, Parker Posey and Ben Affleck, and this movie deserves to do the same for the likes of Glen Powell, Juston Street and Tyler Hoechlin.

Everybody Wants Some is an honest, clear-vision of the past, side-stepping the trap of presenting outlandish stereotypes for comic effect and presenting a wonderful reliving of the 80s.

This subtle nostalgia even presents some aspects of culture from 35 years ago that seems uncomfortable in 2016, the guys misogynistic bravado for example. However, while it at times may be cringe-worthy Linklater often turns it on its head to play the ridiculousness of these attitudes for laughs.

As with everything included it forms just one part of the rich tapestry of characters lives and personas that drives this excellent movie.

Everybody Wants Some is an unconventional, witty and riotous gem that is guaranteed the cult-status of its spiritual predecessor.

Everybody Wants Some is in cinemas from 16th May.

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