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The film behind the curtain: Is Screen Unseen worth it?


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A small car creeps around the streets of a wet neighbourhood and stops in front of a corner shop. Two men using the shop for shelter exchange it for the inside of the car. They drive to a large shopping complex, their conversation full of questions. Once outside the car, they make their way towards the quiet complex. It's a journey the've made before, but this time they have no idea what the night has in store for them.

In movie blurb language, this would be the build up to my first experience of Odeon Screen Unseen. 

Screen Unseen offers film goers to the chance to spin the movie roulette wheel for the price of £5 (almost half of what a cinema trip will set most people back these days). Once you have your reduced ticket, it is only after the curtains go up that your purchased film is revealed to you. 

If thrill alone isn't enough to entice you into taking a punt, there are a few more perks that shift the cards in your favor. Firstly, Odeon guarentee that the film will be an advanced screening of a film yet to be released in the UK - so there's no chance of buying a ticket to a film that is already on screen.

Perhaps the most enticing aspect of the experience, though, is the track record of the films they've shown at these events in the past:

Nightcrawler, Whiplash, Selma, It Follows, Inside Out... and as we found. last night: The Revenant. 

It's notable to say that one of the best moments of my trip to the cinema that night was the moment when a British cinema audience collectivly cheered in celebration of the reveal of a film they had not yet seen. Anyone who loves cinema will know that not much beats those few moments of anticipation and suspence before the curtains rise. Screen Unseen's best achievement is the amplification of that experience. 

For those of us who no longer enjoy our student discount (I'm not bitter, not at all), Screen Unseen is more than a bargain, it's an experience, and one that is stacked in the film goers favor. 

You can find out more about Screen Unseen on the Odeon's website or by using the hashtag #OdeonScreenUnseen. 

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