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Opinion: My many issues with the new Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer


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While the internet and fanboys around the world were still reeling from the phenomenal new trailer for Captain America Civil War, DC comics decided to sucker punch us (No pun intended, Zack Snyder) with a teaser for their upcoming superhero team-up or bust-up (who knows really?), Batman V Superman.

The teaser was short, tense and very effective in its goal of getting people excited for the full trailer, which will debut on the Jimmy Kimmel show on Wednesday December 2nd.  One question that stuck in my mind while watching the trailer, and I know it is a clear sign of my pedantic nature, is - why does Batman need a trench coat?  Don’t get me wrong, it was a fashionable and probably very useful coat and I would be the first to sympathise with the plight of removing sand from your clothing after a day at the beach (or unidentified desert bunker). But the Dark Knight should be above those problems, He’s a billionaire playboy with advanced military and futuristic gadgets in a bat costume. Further research into the coatgate (I know it won’t catch on) revealed that this is Batman in his Knightmare ensemble, but I did not find any justification for the coat. The theory that seems most plausible to me is he needs something that flows in the wind. To instil fear in his enemies, obviously.

My immediate jest at the nature of this teaser betrayed the undergirded lack of hope I have in this film. I would call myself a DC fan and proclaim my love for the universe they have created in comics and television, but they just don’t seem to have the right touch when it comes to their blockbuster films - the Marvel touch, that is.

This film is DC’s attempt at beginning to create their own extended universe on the silver screen. A chance for them to learn from the mistakes of Man of Steel. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have learnt anything. They have stuck with Zack Snyder, a masterful director when it comes to spectacle, but one who doesn’t seem to be able to elicit emotions from his film or audience unless he’s beating you over the head with heavy handed drama and moral platitudes.

For me hope began to dwindle when the name for the film was announced: Batman v. Superman sounds like something a 5-year-old international student would come up with. Obviously DC is playing catch up and they need the brand recognition of their two biggest sellers on the name of the film. This apparent rush to the finish line is no good for creating substantive blockbuster films which we are in dire need of. The idea of a rushed and haphazardly put together Justice League is the stuff of my nightmares. I hope DC and Zack Snyder force me to eat these words, because I know how much love I had for the Justice League cartoon series and literally every film in the DC animated universe. I do hope the films turn out better than I imagine they will.

Here’s the teaser for the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice in case you’ve been living under some sort of repressive regime where social media is just turned off - or maybe if you’re just not that interested in comic book movies.


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