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5 Times Emily Blunt was a total badass


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On the 8th October 2015, Denis Villeneuve’s newest film, Sicario, is released. The film sees Emily Bluntplaying Kate Macer, an idealistic FBI Agent who is enlisted in a special task force by Josh Brolin’s Matt to help fight the escalating drug war on the U.S. Border.

As you can tell from our early review of the film, we at The National Student are very excited about it. In particular however, we are excited by Emily Blunt. This role and recent films have seen her cement her credentials as a badass. And we’re here to show you exactly what makes her one, on and off screen.

Cannes’ “Heels” policy

In May of this year, when Blunt was at the wold famous film festival for Sicario, there was an infamous decision about what women would be allowed to wear on the red carpet. According to Cannes, it was heels or no go. There was total uproar from actors and directors of both genders, and across social media. When asked at a junket for Sicario for her opinion, Blunt’s response is typically direct and simultaneously polite. “Of course not… everyone should wear flats to be honest.”

2. Looper

In this sci-fi starring action familiar actors Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Blunt steals the show. As Sara, the ex-city girl starting a new life as a farm-based mother, she’s tough and caring. Picking her best badass moment in the film is no trouble: it’s the scene when she shoots Young Joe straight on with a shotgun without a second’s hesitation when she realises that he’s looking for her son. Although the immortal line “if you show your face here again, I will cut you the fuck in half!” and the ease with which she summons Joe for some night-time comfort are both pretty badass.

3. American Institute for Stuttering speech

Not that you would be able to tell today, but when she was younger Blunt suffered from a rather serious stutter. In this speech at the 2009 Gala for the American Institute for Stuttering, at which she received an award, she talks about her stutter and what it felt like to not be able to speak. It’s quite a moving speech, and a useful insight into what it’s like to suffer from a stutter, and to conquer something which seemed unconquerable.

4. Edge Of Tomorrow

By far the most action heavy role of Blunt’s career thus far, here she plays Rita Vrataski, the greatest soldier in the human war against the alien Mimics. Flying about in her mech suit with a converted helicopter blade for a sword, she gets to be the badass Tom Cruise usually is, and train him up to her standard. Her best moment? Any time she shoots him in the head, frequently with an eye roll and resignation to her actions that nails the internal conflict and skill of her character.

5. Jimmy Kimmel Christmas prank

In this long clip from last Christmas’s Jimmy Kimmel, we learn that he and his wife have been in a prank war with Blunt and her Husband John Krasinski for a few years. In the clip, she reveals what they’ve done to Jimmy this year, and it’s pretty great. The prank itself is a joint effort between Blunt and her husband, but while he acts the buffoon, Blunt sits on the sofa, laughing as the unfortunate events unfold in front of Kimmel’s eyes. With a demeanour like that, we think the entire prank war was probably her idea.

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