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Film review: The Bad Education Movie


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Last week, The Bad Education Movie was released and boy, was it hilarious. 

The Bad Education movieI have been a fan of the show since the start mainly because of Jack Whitehall. Jack is a talented comedian who knows his stuff and what makes people laugh and he doesn't shy away in this laugh-out-loud movie.

We have seen other sitcoms transported to the big screen but I feel Bad Education tops them all. It had a solid plot, it had heart, it had laughs and it stayed in the realm of it's sillyness and over the top antics. 

The laughter kicks off straight away as Alfie Wickers takes his class to Amsterdam on a school trip and they attend the Anne Frank Museum. Things don't go well. Alfie takes some drugs and starts hallucinating a talking panda... it's silly but it's typical British humour and it's a film you could watch if you had a rubbish day and you want a good belly laugh. 

The cast of the movie are excellent as ever especially the classmates in Form K who are totally believable as your typical form class at high school.

They all have a close bond with Alfie and each other. But of course being in a movie, there's more room (and budget) for more characters and well known faces.

Joanna Scanlan as Joe's mother is a perfect move and she is one of the stars of the whole entire thing as the pushy, over protective mother, Susan.

Also, while watching the movie, it's a good game to play guessing where you've seen certain actors from before. I'm serious, there's a lot.

What I have loved about Bad Education since the start is that it shows that school is not just about academic education, it's about finding out who you are as a person, about life skills and that we live in a bubble of our class mates and we don't want to leave it. That's what I've loved about the show and it really ressonates in the film, especially with the bromance between Alfie and Joe.

The bromance between these two have been somewhat the glue holding the show together and it really is a lovely friendship to see. It's a bit like something you would see on Educating Yorkshire... actually, it is a lot like something you'll see on Educating Yorkshire. 

The film being set in Cornwall means two things: gorgeous scenery and great accents. Perfect. The scenery was just out of this world as it was a big driving force in the story too. But something that keeps popping up in the film are the use of animals... I'm just going to say, be careful about swans in the future.

The Bad Education movie probably won't be for everyone but it's a good, quick-paced fun ride that will just make you laugh and laugh again and it's worth a shot just to hear Jack Whitehall attempting a Cornwall accent. Or Jamaican. It was the ultimate class war ever. 

I don't know if this is the end of Bad Education, but I really hope not as I really want to see what Alfie Wickers gets up to in the future. Hopefully it won't have nothing to do with swans, zip wires, a strip club in Cornwall or Ser Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen) from Game of Thrones.

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