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5 life lessons we learnt from Clueless

20th July 2015

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Yesterday marked the 20 year anniversary of both the release of Clueless, and the making of every teenage girl born since.

Clueless is so much more than your average American movie with an exceptional wardrobe designer. It has helped teenage girls relate when friends have deserted us and boys have (unintentionally) broken our hearts.

Here are the life lessons that we learnt from Cher, Dionne, et al... 

Driving can look really uncool sometimes

Getting your licence can be the making of many young people, offering a ticket to freedom plus a few people willing to make friends in return for a free chauffeuring service. Since the dawn of man teens have attempted to show off, and the notorious motorway scene shows how badly wrong that can go. If you want to avoid inflicting possible death upon others and eternal shame upon yourself - avoid motorways until you are ready. Your insurance premium will thank you.

The power of fashion 

Cher proved her immaculate taste from her high tech wardrobe to her power outfits. She is responsible for many trends still kicking around today (see mini tartan kilts and matching accessories on almost every campus). Cher gained a sense of confidence from looking so good and realised it could help others too.

Never judge a book by its cover 

Cher may seem superficial, with her passion for detail. You may think she only cares about herself, how she looks and who she talks to. However, all of these misconceptions are incorrect and there is so much more depth to her character. Cher proves that blondes can be smart and that the ‘popular girl’ can care about her dorky looking teacher. She is a philanthropist and pulls through to be one of the ‘good guys’. Her character is a clear reminder of why it is important not to pass judgement based on common stereotypes.

Power of manipulation 

It is important to always strive for the best in life, as Cher does with her report card. It can take guts to ask and push for what you want but usually proves to be a fruitful leap of faith. Nothing can be lost in the process of convincing others to let you have your way and there is only scope for personal gain.

The importance of holding your own in a debate 

While it is easy when faced with someone with opposing views to simply give in, Cher holds her weight in the debate. While her connection between Haiti and etiquette in terms of RSVPing is comical, her message comes across loud and clear. It is important to take a page out of Cher’s book and make politics and history relatable, comprehensive and interesting.

If the world was more like Cher Horowitz we would all get what we wanted and be better dressed. After 20 years, it's time to stop saying “as if” and start taking notes.

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