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Why Secret Cinema's Star Wars is the best thing you can do this summer

15th June 2015
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If there was one movie franchise that was screaming out for the immersive Secret Cinema treatment it was Star Wars! The announcement that the next event would centre around The Empire Strikes Back was met with excitement and also some derision – the ticket price is exactly what you would call 'affordable'.

Could this event possibly live up to the price tag? The answer is yes, and then some.

Secret Cinema Star Wars

In a world where you would pay a similar price to see a concert at the 02, Secret Cinema have delivered an experience that starts well before you attend and can continue well afterwards.

With meticulous detail, you are drawn into the world of the Rebellion and become your own part of the Star Wars universe. You are made the feel like you are entering a secret world.

As this is a ‘secret’ happening there is very little we are allowed say about our time in a Galaxy Far Far Away.

What we can say is you will visit a number of instantly recognisable locations from the Star Wars universe, each recreated in painstaking detail across the vast site.

A huge army of actors bring to life a wide-array of recognisable characters in both scripted and un-scripted interactions that bring you right into the centre of the action.

The more you interact the more you get from the show, you can essentially become part of the unfolding narrative which is much more episodic than previous Secret Cinema events.

This all leads to a brilliant showing of Empire as the main event, which brings in superbly rendered live-action recreations of the scenes unfolding on screen.

Following on from that ‘secret’ entertainment closes the night in truly epic fashion.

In case that’s not quite enough, you’ll be able to take another mission to the secret Cantina Bar, hidden in London to fraternise with Star Wars characters in one of the coolest pop-up bars in the capital – with great music and a unique atmosphere this place will give you one of the best nights out this summer.

In short this incredible spectacle is a must this summer – simple as that.

Secret Cinema Presents Star Wars: The Emperor Strikes Back runs now until 27 September;

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