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Film Review: It Follows


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It’s so easy to get horror wrong, so that it becomes funny rather than scary and with a few exceptions that is what the genre has become.

It FollowsIt Follows is not one of those movies, it is watch-through-your-fingers scary.

Reminiscent of horror classics from the 70s and 80s It Follows benefits from having the air of nostalgia and using the familiar horror tropes.

It has the typical characters (Miaka Monroe’s typical teenage girl on the verge of womanhood) and the horror as a consequence of a teenage fumble in the back of a car.

She soon finds herself tied to a wheelchair with her recent lover telling her that he has passed something on to her, it will follow her at a slow pace and will look like anyone she knows to get close to her in order to kill her; but the worst part is that she will be the only one who can see this ‘thing’. The only way in which she can rid herself of this slow walking demon is to have sex with someone else.

What makes a horror flick great is how much we can relate to the content, and It Follows taps into that fear of being followed by someone and seeing something no one else can and runs with it.

Throughout director David Robert Mitchell build suspense and drops the inevitable scares at all the right moments.

Mitchell has perfectly captured the essence of horror in this 70s homage.

However, it is not without its faults. After the first few appearances the sense of what is going to happen next is gone, where the person will come from losses its edge and Mitchell fails to insert another plot device to scare the audience.

So far there has been no sequel announced for the movie which means one of two things.

David Mitchell has written this movie intentionally not to inform the audience of the origin of this thing, why it follows people slowly or why sex is the only way to rid yourself of it.

Then there is the possibility that this film was written solely with a sequel in mind; the worst thing anyone in Hollywood can do.

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