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Film Review: Fury


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War films are nothing new but few pack the power punch of Fury.

Brad Pitt in FuryUnder the direction of David Ayer of End of Watch fame, Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf and a range of other top actors are fighting their way across Germany in the dying days of the Second World War in a tank; outmatched in every conceivable aspect.

Set in the midst of the final push through Germany, burdened with limited supplies and only four tanks, this is an adversity tale set in the turmoil of conflict.

Fury is more than just a war movie; it's a movie that explores the thinking of the men on the front line, how they cope and what it takes to justify their actions.

What gives this movie its special edge is its willingness to explore the untold side of war - just how deep soldiers have to dig to keep going. We see soldiers take their own lives before the Nazis fatal shot can.

Yes we've seen slight hints in classic war movies but from the first line this is a narrative of how the characters are physically and mentally spent.

What prevents Fury from being a classic is its middle act. Many movies run the risk of overloading their middle act with too much information to explain the vital plot points, whereas Fury goes in the opposite direction, coming to a standstill.

Not particularly awful direction from Ayer but considering the preceding and following parts it doesn't flow well with the overall story and is  just flat enough to allow you to detach yourself from the film; which given the subject matter is dangerous.

One of the stars of the film, Shia LaBeouf has made headlines recently for all the wrong reasons however he hits fine form here, practically stealing the show with his performance as the soldier who is struggling the most to cope; using bible quotes and belief as his crutch.

Overall Fury is worth a watch, with a powerful story, fine all-round casting and an ending that will raise your heartbeat and respiration levels and sit you right in the middle of the tank.

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