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Film Review: Extraterrestrial

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Extraterrestrial does what many other horrors have done before it. It sends a group of obnoxious twenty-somethings into a cabin in the woods, unleashes a threat of some kind, and then watches them scream.

And, like many others, they are mostly unlikable bunch and by the end you could not give a damn who lives or dies.

The film, directed by two guys who go under the name The Vicious Brothers, seems unsure of what tone it is trying to go for and verges between The Evil Dead, The Blair Witch Project and The Mist. To be honest, the Vicious Brothers seem more interested in gratuitously sexualising the female actors rather than fixing the narrative shortfalls.

The only thing worth noting is the stunning 4K Red Epic-captured cinematography. Director of Photography Samy Inayeh has done amazing things with light and colours here, especially in the audacious (though badly handled) closing scene.

If you feel like seeing a bunch of loud, drug-addled, unpleasant, homophobic, self-absorbed photogenic young people scream a lot and then be asked to care about them, you are in for a treat. If this sounds like a nightmare to you, stay away. 

Extraterrestrial (2014), directed by The Vicious Brothers, is released in cinemas by Signature Entertainment, Certificate 15.

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