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Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer debuts a whole week early

24th October 2014

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A surprise leak from Marvel Studios has seen the premiere of the teaser trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron moved forward a whole week.

Yes, the world’s favourite super-hero team are re-assembling next May for the follow-up to their record-breaking 2012 summer hit, and the first glimpse at all the action can be seen below.

Devoted Marvel-fans may at first feel a little disappointed that the trailer seems to mostly be made up of the footage debuted in July at San Diego ComicCon, but fear not, there’s plenty of brand new moments to keep us all guessing too.

Joss Whedon’s promise to ensure that his big-budget Avengers follow-up wouldn’t just be “big for the sake of big” seems to ring true in this first trailer, teasing some much darker and more personal arcs to his characters. There are enough shots thrown-in of the current line-up in action to keep fans happy, with Captain America doing what he does best: jumping cars and kicking in doors, but also a healthy dose of more grounded drama too. Most notably, we get to see a few little glimmers of a very vulnerable looking Bruce Banner, before watching as his scene-stealing Hulk faces-off with, surprise-surprise, Iron Man in his new specially-made Hulkbuster Armour. It looks as if we’re in for plenty of hero-on-hero action with Thor joining the mix too, grabbing Tony Stark by the neck in one very short snippet.

If the current Avengers are already at each other’s throats, the inclusion of a few newcomers is sure to stir the pot even more. Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s super-fast Quicksilver and Elizabeth Olsen’s seemingly-troubled Scarlet Witch make small appearances amongst all the in-fighting, and for a brief second, we even get a quick glimpse at Andy Serkis’ as-yet unknown character. These insanely abrupt intros will likely be fleshed-out further in future trailers so there’s not a lot to chew on with the new additions, but it’s certainly enough to start drumming up support from die-hard fans.

What really dominates this first trailer however is James Spader’s villain Ultron, the newest big-bad. A sentient robot, originally created in the comics by Hank Pym (Ant Man), but now believed to be the work of the Avengers’ very own Tony Stark, Ultron’s menace casts a shadow over the entirety of the proceedings, with Spader’s soon-to-be iconic voice teasing our heroes with idle threats and enough puppet-metaphors to keep even Pinocchio in check. Accompanied by what looks to be an army of corrupted robotic drones, Ultron seems to very much have the world’s mightiest heroes by the balls, with plenty of explosive battles and dramatic farewells hinted at throughout. At one stage Captain America’s supposedly indestructible shield even lies broken in half amongst the debris. Has Whedon potentially taken his thirst for killing off popular characters too far this time? Whatever the answer, with a trailer as hauntingly approached as this, you can be rest assured that no one is safe.

It’s a long wait until April 2015, but from this brief glimpse into the future, it seems that Marvel and Joss Whedon are definitely heading in an interesting direction. Could this be another billion-dollar box-office breaker? Only time will tell, but as far as superhero franchises go, The Avengers still seems to be riding strong. 

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) will be released in UK cinemas on 24 April by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Watch the trailer below:  





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