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London Film Festival Review: 10,000km

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Computer technology, high-speed broadband, social networking: all these things are there to enable us to stay in touch with people and communicate better. But do they always succeed? Maybe they can hinder proper communication and provide a false sense of immediacy when really we are becoming more and more distance with each other. 10,000km looks at how a long distance relationship between a couple – one in LA (she’s moved there to do a photography-based art degree) and one in Spain – is affected by this shift in our society.

Coincidentally this isn’t the only film showing at the London Film Festival this October trying to navigate this difficult subject; Jason Reitman’s film Men, Women & Children also looks at our internet-based relationships. But whereas that film goes round an extended cast of different people, director Carlos Marques-Marcet here makes us stare unflinchingly at one relationship as it goes through the difficulties of living apart.

Natalia Tena (who some may recognise as Tonks from Harry Potter) and David Verdaguer contribute very lifelike, believable performances and that’s what makes the film work so well. By the end it feels like we know them or have also been part of the relationship they have built up between each other. The closing act of the film reminded me more than a little of Drake Doremus’s film Like Crazy which deals with similar issues. Viewers may not like the lack of certainty (something that pervades the film as a whole), but life isn’t certain, and that’s what Marques-Marcet has brought to the screen so well.

10,000km (2014), directed by Carlos Marques-Marcet, is showing this Autumn as part of the BFI London Film Festival. 


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