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Film Review: Violette

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French actor Emmanuelle Devos may have appeared in high profile films such as Coco Avant Chanel but has never made much of a splash this side of the English Channel. Hopefully this will change with Violette, a intriguing, romantic and wonderfully watchable drama about Violette Luduc, a writer who becomes a friend of Simone de Beauvoir during a period of major literary and social development in France.

Leduc initially befriends De Beauvoir out of respect for her work, asking for advice on her writing. This then moves into adoration and love, though such feelings don’t seem to be reciprocated by De Beauvoir.

The film catalogues their friendship across the years, including times both bitter and euphoric. Most of all, director Martin Provost beautifully captures the sense of fulfilment and achievement of expression writers feel when they sit at their desks and put words on the page. As much as a testament to Leduc, this is a testament to writing; the discipline it takes and the areas of life it opens up for exploration.

Violette (2013) is released in UK cinemas by Soda Pictures on 3 October, Certificate 15. Watch the trailer below:


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