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FIlm Review: The Equalizer


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With his great performances in the likes of Training Day, American Gangster and Flight, Denzil Washington’s subpar turn in new action flick The Equaliser is a disappointment in what is simply just another mediocre action movie.

Riddled with clichés and predictability, the plot sees Washington as Robert McCall the introverted man, in a mundane job with a dark secret. He is a badass with a certain set of skills – skills that mean he can take down the entire Russian mafia.

Why he would want to do this follows the same tired, revenge motivation as countless movies had used before. This time because his little prostitute friend, played by Chloe Grace Moretz, has taken a beating from her boss and put her in hospital.

McCall goes about opening a can of whoop-ass on the whole Russian mafia organisation.

This is a movie that’s slow, thoughtful start rather than adding narrative depth just seems to drag out the whole thing adding very little. It’s like the writer’s just need a reason, any old reason, to have some meaty action sequences.

The problem is that when these sequences do finally comes round they are predictable despite some nicely creative kills.

Sadly these action scenes are the only, vague, highlight of an otherwise dull and farfetched story.

Such is Hollywood’s predilection with treading the same paths of success, that this is clearly Taken, again – we could call it ‘Beaten’ as Moretz’s character is not actually taken anywhere.

The final nail in the coffin is McCall’s whole motivation for killing Russians. Because some Russians beat up a girl, all Russians need to be killed! Simple as that, he doesn’t need to save his daughter and the peril has passed. This is pure and simple revenge, if a little disproportionate.

Overall The Equalizer is just another action movie that will fall amongst the many other films of the same genre and become an afterthought as soon as you leave the cinema.   

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