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Film Review: The Police Officer's Wife

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The Police Officer's Wife review


This could have been a brutally real insight into domestic violence. Instead,it is a self-conciously artisitc (and not in a good way) compilation of seemingly irrelavent scenes interspursed with moments of cruetly. Its attempts at providing an insight into the psychology or repurcussions of abuse within a relationship is rendered unaccessible by the pretentious tone set out by Philip Groning.

The plot - if you can call it a plot - cut up into 59 chapters, with text fading painfully up and off the screen to let you know when each chapter starts and ends. And if that wasn't enough, it runs for 175 minutes. Patience-testing doesn't cover it.

Lars Rudolph and Alexandra Finder (pictured right) may well be good actors, but their performances would have been more powerful if they were allowed to breathe. The style-over-substance curse that hovers over this picture wrecks any chances of that. 

There will be those who convince themselves that this is a masterpiece simply beacuse it is a horrid, close-to-unendurable experience. They are welcome to it. I hated it.

The Police Officer's Wife (2013), directed by Philip Gröning, is released in UK cinemas on August 22, Certificate TBC.




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