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25 life lessons we learnt from Friends

7th May 2014

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More than any other, Friends is the programme that defined the 1990s – and, consequently, the collective childhoods of those now in our fretful early 20s.

Possibly the most watched TV show ever (we have no stats, but we’re just going to put that out there), it has been predicted that there will always be an episode of Friends showing somewhere in the world. And that’s even with E4 removing it from our screens two years ago and replacing it with the bitchy snooze-fest that is Made in Chelsea. That’s a pretty admirable achievement.

Yesterday marked ten years since Friends aired its last ever episode, which finally answered the Ross and Rachel question that had been bubbling ever since Rachel ran into Central Perk in a wedding dress in episode one and Ross almost took her out with an umbrella.

If you’ve forgotten (as if you ever will forget) – SHE GOT OFF THE PLANE, GUYS.

We’re emotional thinking about it.

Now we’re about the age that the Friends characters were when the show started back in September 1994, we’re wondering if there are genuine life lessons that can be learnt from the one show that we’ve watched a re-watched more than any other.

Here are a few that we felt were pretty apt. Let us know any that we missed...

1. For the love of god, establish the state of your relationship before you go out and shag a waitress. Otherwise you might bore everyone for ten whole years.

2. Don’t give up your apartment in a bet.

3. Mums can be harsh. But seriously, what is with your hair?

4. Yes you might have a degree, but it’s still very, very easy to get stuck in your stopgap job – unless you take risks, and are willing to start from the very bottom. Coffee, anyone?

5. Ducks are perfectly acceptable companions in high-rise city centre apartments. Don't let them near the table football table.

6. Leather trousers are not a wise choice.

7. People with very annoying laughs are probably never going to stop having very annoying laughs. You should banish them from your life right now.

8. You are, whether you like it or not, going to experience living with a complete crazy at some point in your renting life.

9. If you let a man wee on you, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll marry him one day.

10. Your parents might get divorced, and even if you’re a grown up and live miles away from them this will cause a very high level of stress.

11. If you make a list, don’t get it laminated.

12. You might spend 20 hours a day with them, but there will always, always be things that you don’t know about your best friends. Especially the hippy ones who once lived on the street.

13. It’s not a good idea to fall in love with your best friend’s girlfriend, unless you want to spend some serious time a wooden box.

14. Sometimes, the right person is just staring you in the face. Probably from across empty coffee cups.

15. Scientists can be attractive (in moderation.)

16. At certain points, you will be older than you ever thought it was possible to be. It will keep happening, quite frequently.

17. Your girlfriend/boyfriend’s parents exist primarily so you can humiliate yourself in front of them. Avoid steam rooms.

18. Men shouldn’t get overly involved in eyebrow maintenance.

19. Princess Consuela is a perfectly legitimate moniker.  

20. Spending more than your monthly rent on boots is probably not a good idea (they’re likely to hurt.)

21. Men can be nannies; women cannot be penis models.

22. Hair that loses all structural integrity in humid climates is one of life’s particular cruelties.

23. Love will win in the end.

24. People get together, break up, reunite, move on, move out...

25. But it’s all ok, in the end.















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