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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink: 20 quotes to celebrate Mean Girls' 10th birthday


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It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since the Mean Girls first strutted across our screens. Here are 20 quotes that will remind you why the 2004 smash hit was so fetch.

1. “Ex-boyfriends are off-limits to friends. That’s just, like, the rules of feminism.”

2. "She doesn't even go here!"

3. “Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Regina George.”

4. “That’s why her hair is so big. It’s full of secrets.”

5. “Get in, loser. We’re going shopping.”

6. “On Wednesdays we wear pink.”

7. “Can I get you guys anything? Some snacks? A condom? Let me know!”

8. “But you’re, like, really pretty… So you agree? You think you’re really pretty?”

9. “Made out with a hot dog? Oh my God that was one time!”

10. “If you’re from Africa, why are you white?”

11. "Oh my god, Karen! You can't just ask people why they're white!"

12. "I can't go out. I'm sick." "Boo! You whore!" 

13.  "That's so fetch!" 

14. “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.” 

15. "The limit does not exist!"

16.  "Don't have sex. You will get pregnant and die.”

17.  "Four for you, Glenn Coco! You go, Glenn Coco!"

18. “I have this theory, that if you cut off all her hair she’d look like a British man.”

19.  “Oh my God, Danny DeVito! I love your work!"

20. "There’s a 30% chance that it’s already raining.”


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