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Video: Top 10 Leonardo DiCaprio Performances

4th March 2014

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Poor Leo. Poor, poor Leo. It’s a hard life when you’ve got billions in the bank (probably) and first pick of the world’s supermodels... but still people don’t fully recognise you, you know, artistically.  

Here are all the times Leo didn’t win an Academy Award (putting the controversial question of whether or not he deserved one at all aside):

2014: Best Actor, The Wolf of Wall Street

2007: Best Actor, Blood Diamond

2005: Best Actor, The Aviator

1994: Best Supporting Actor, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Oh dear. Maybe fifth time lucky, Leo?

To make up for his unluckiness at the Oscars, we’ve just come across a video, created by a Leo-loving YouTuber, which ranks his top ten performances and selects his best ever.

The thing we like most about the video is the very earnest commentary, which sounds like it should really be sarcastic to us. But it isn’t. It’s really, really earnest. We think...

Sample earnest quote: “We would NOT have let Jack drown.”

We get the impression that this commentator might be infuriated at certain recent Academy decisions.   

Never mind, Leo – just bask in the knowledge that your fans are really, really sad about the fact that you didn’t win an Oscar. Again.

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