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Movies to watch in November


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Deadlines are looming, but fear not - TNS has compiled a list of the November releases you should see to give yourself a hard earned break from assignments and revising.

Drinking Buddies

Drinking Buddies is this year's typical rom com, starring Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson. Luke and Kate work in a brewery and spend most of their days drinking and flirting - however, both are in relationships. Luke is gearing up to marry his other half whereas Kate is taking it slow with hers.  We all know what to expect and as the official tagline says, "We all know when to say when."

Release Date: 1st November


Sandra Bullock and George Clooney star in what is being described as the movie of the year, in this thriller set is space.  When a routine spacewalk goes terribly wrong the two astronauts are stuck in space fighting for survival as time looks set to run out.  

Read the review here.

Release Date: 8th November

Seduced & Abandoned

Hollywood is a complex machine that will chew up and spit out people regardless of who they are, and this movie takes us behind the scenes in the journey of financing and producing a feature film.  It’s Alec Baldwin and director James Toback who pull the curtain back on the process, with appearances from the likes of Ryan Gosling and Martin Scorsese.  

Release Date: 8th November

The Butler

The Butler is a semi-biopic of Cecil Gaines, a black butler who served for eight presidents in the White House. The movie follows the issues he faces, from the civil rights movements to Vietnam and how they affect him, his family and friends.

Release Date: 15th November

Don Jon

Joseph Gordon-Levitt writes, directs and stars in this critically acclaimed movie about an Italian American who is loves his body, friends, car, women - and above all else porn. His most cherished ‘hobby’ comes under threat, however, when he encounters two very different women - played by Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore.  

Release Date: 15th November

The Counselor

Directed by Ridley Scott and starring Michael Fassbender, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, this action thriller promises to be a hit when it reaches our screens mid-month. Fassbender seems to have the perfect life - that is until a job he sets up goes horribly wrong and he is caught in the seedy underworld of drug trafficking, forcing him to fight for everything he holds dear.

Release Date: 15th November

Dom Hemingway

Jude Law stars in the comedy drama that follows infamous safe-cracker Dom Hemingway across the streets of London after his release from prison, in a mission to collect what he is owed. Unluckily for Hemingway his loyalty payment is stolen and he must go and a wild chase to get it back.  

Release Date: 15th November

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence returns for the sequel to the highly successful first Hunger Games, which sees her return to the games to once again fight for her life. After her unforeseen victory Katniss has given people hope, something the high living classes want to quash - so to mark the 75th Hunger Games it is decided that the game will consist of past winners, placing Katniss against the best of the best.

Release Date: 21st November

The Family

Robert DeNiro makes a return to the mafia genre this month when his mafia family are placed in the witness protection after he decides to snitch on his former 'co-workers'.  Not the usual gangster movie, The Family is Luc Besson’s look into the world of mobsters when DeNiro’s family are taken out of their comfort zone and placed in Normandy to live out, hopefully, the rest of their lives.

Release Date: 22nd November

Blue is the Warmest Color

Blue is the Warmest Color, a French dubbed film adapted from 2010 graphic novel ‘Blue Angel’, took home the coveted Palme d'Or from Cannes this summer. The story follows 15-year-old Adele, who aspires to be a teacher - but after meeting blue-haired local college student Emma is taken her on a journey to find herself.

Release Date: 22nd November


JFK's Assassination is one of the most shocking event in recent history, and comes with its fair share of conspiracy theories. Parkland revisits events at Parkland Hospital in Dallas via the perspectives of several ordinary people that helped shape one of the defining events of the century.

Release Date: 22nd November

Watch the trailer here.

Saving Mr. Banks

We've all seen the classic Mary Poppins - however, it wasn’t an easy transition from book to film.  Saving Mr. Banks tells the story of how a hesitant P.L Travers (Emma Thompson) and fun-loving Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) clash on how to take the now iconic nanny off the pages and onto the cinema screen.

Read the review here.

Release Date: 29th November

Who Needs Enemies

When London gangster and ex-boxer Tom Sheridan agrees to hire his strip club out to lifelong friend and colleague Ian Levine, he soon discovers the private party involves something atrocious and unspeakable. It sparks a bloody feud between the two old friends and their foot soldiers in a story of morality, loyalty and betrayal.

Release Date: 29th November

Also out this month: 1st November - Child Pose, Short Term, The Nun, Gloria; 22nd November - Gone with the Wind, Vendetta; 29th November - Free Birds, No Fixed Abode.

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