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Film Review: Girl Most Likely

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Although Kristen Wiig has been doing a respectable amount of work recently, she hasn’t exactly taken over the cinema-comedy scene since her standout film Bridesmaids earned her international fame over two years ago. It’s great to see her back as the lead actor in this fun, well-acted comedy drama, even if it doesn’t quite hit the highs Bridesmaids did in 2011.

Girl Most Likely has suffered a rough ride from critics across the Atlantic, though I found it to be a rather sweet, if somewhat unusual film that uses Wiig’s talents well. She is an endearing presence and her role here, as a pseudo-suicidal failed playwright who has to move back into her mother’s house, allows her some scope for some serious acting as well as moments of well-pitched humour.

Her mother, played by Annette Benning, is a gambling addict in love with an alleged secret agent (Matt Dillon). She also has a very attractive young lodger (in the form of Glee’s Darren Criss) who works in a Backstreet Boys tribute act.

All this looks set up for a conventional family comedy, though Michelle Morgan’s script avoids cliché and sets about finding new areas of comedy to plunder. It doesn’t all work (an action-movie finale based around a weird invention by our lead’s insecure brother feels ill-judged) but there is a winning, inviting feel to this film and it subverts the nastiness regularly found these days in many mainstream comedies.

Girl Most Likely (2013), directed by Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman, is released in UK cinemas on 27th September 2013 by Lionsgate, Certificate 12A. Watch the trailer below:

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