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Film Review: This Is The End


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It’s always refreshing to see people with fame and money making fun of themselves, and This Is The End concentrates on a group of celebrities more than willing to exploit  their own (slightly exaggerated, or so I hope) natures for the sake of comedy. Written and directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (Superbad, Pineapple Express), this film is guaranteed to keep you entertained and grossed out.

I say ‘I hope’ because if This Is End offers an even-slightly accurate portrayal of Michael Cera, then boy oh boy, this guy is unreal. One of the opening scenes sees Jay Baruchel (Rogen’s Canadian friend and obvious outsider) wander in to a bathroom during James Franco’s LA house party to find Cera stood up, trousers down, a girl kneeling in front and behind him, drinking juice from a carton. Coked off his face. Cera calmly tells Jay to go ahead and use the lavatory, before holding the straw of his juice carton out to a girl, saying “It’s sippy time.”

Cera soon perishes along with the vast majority of celebrity guests at Franco’s party (including Rihanna), and the focus of the film shifts onto the six survivors: Rogen, Baruchel and Franco plus Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson and Danny McBride. The rest of the movie sees these wretched men attempt to survive whilst the fire of the apocalypse rages around Hollywood Hills and blue beams of light stream up the good souls from the earth and deliver them into heaven. It’s absolute carnage; as Rogen prophetically states, “This is cray cray guys.” Our survivors are forced to contemplate why they have not been saved, and are instead being left to face their doom in the form of terrifying, burning devils with huge penises.

The humour throughout is entirely puerile, and delivers big laughs consistently, maintaining momentum. For Hill it’s downhill all the way, as he is officially possessed by the devil, and the audience witnesses the tearfully funny ‘Exorcism of Jonah Hill’. When Baruchel attemps to bring out the devil by reciting the well-known line from The Exorcist "The power of Christ compels you!", Hill-Devil replies, "Oh, does it compel me?", giggling with camp evil.

Even as the ridiculousness of the situation grows to near breaking point, the film manages to maintain an organized hold on the narrative (just), and continues to offer laugh-out-loud moments, both mid-action and in the slower-paced scenes contained within Franco’s house. This Is The End is indulgent, hilarious and wonderfully refreshing. It points fun at pretty much everything it can, including the mysterious process of God’s judgment come Judgment Day. It’s a must see. 

This Is The End is out now.

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