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10 Films for a Hangover Day

7th March 2013

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Most of us know that sickening feeling when we wake up with the mother of all hangovers, when it’s difficult to wander into the next room let alone outside. We curl up on the sofa with as much unhealthy, greasy food as possible and watch some brilliant films. But there lies the ultimate decision; what to watch?

FilmYou don’t want anything that’s too thought provoking, your headache is bad enough. You want something entertaining, that you can lose yourself in and drift into. So here I’ve made a list of some of the best movies available for such days.

  1. The Princess Bride – A cult classic from the eighties about adventure, lies, monsters, sword fights and love; one of those films that you can’t help but fall for. Some of the best movie quotes from all time are from this film – ‘My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die.’ And the amazing ‘As you wish’, one of the top things every girl wants to hear. And boys do not fear, it’s not a chick flick, there is something for everyone in this one. 
  2. Transformers trilogy – A lot of people dislike these films for a number of different reasons but I think that they’re brilliant, there’s not a lot of deeper meaning involved, just action, alien robots and witty comments; perfect for an ‘undead’ afternoon. The only issue with this one is that you might want turn the volume down in the fights scenes. 
  3. Avengers – After only being released last year it’s already a firm favourite. With the combination of Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo and Samuel L. Jackson it would hard to be anything but a success, throw in the sexy antics of Scarlet Johansson and you’ve got yourself a winner. Such a film could surely keep you alive for a little bit longer. 
  4. Shrek – A true animated classic. You’d be hard pushed to find anyone who hasn’t seen this brilliant film. An adventure with an ogre and a donkey in search of a princess, what could go wrong? It’s definitely an all-time favourite for both kids and adults which means a must watch for every student. 
  5. Evolution – It may have been released twelve years ago but you’d struggle to find a film that matched this one. The originality and brilliance of it is unparalleled and has you in stitches, whether it’s your first viewing or twentieth. You might even find yourself singing along with them on their road trip to alien destruction. Just make sure you have plenty of shampoo. 
  6. Indiana Jones – the original trilogy – If these weren’t in this list then I’m sure there would be a lot unhappy readers. I’m certain we have all fallen into the temptation to watch these films again and again and a hangover is a mere excuse to do so once more. Of course you can watch the fourth one if you wish, but I always believe that the classics cannot be beaten; either way you can’t top a day with Harrison Ford. 
  7. Fly Away Home – Something a little more emotional. After a night of alcohol and drunken mistakes sometimes you just need a bit of cry. Fly Away Home is one to do the trick without bringing on manic depression. A family adventure with a young Anna Paquin and a gaggle of geese is definitely one to add to the hangover collection.
  8. Finding Nemo – Something that nearly every student has to admit to is their love for Pixar, and especially a little, stripy fish. A calm film that will make you smile, something we often forget to do after the night before. But who can complain when you’ve got Dory for company. The jokes of this film will never die and its one we will continue to love into our old age. 
  9. Lord of the Rings trilogy – For the geek in all of us, Lord of the Rings is a classic of the modern age. It may be a nine hour trilogy but always a good one to go in and out of consciousness to. A good one to have on in the background as you lie in your onesie and fight off the nausea. With action, adventure, war, and love this is one of those great series that has something for students everywhere. 
  10. How to Train Your Dragon – A Viking boy who befriends a ‘dangerous’ dragon, seems incredibly cheesy but DreamWorks pulled it off; the unusual connection has been found to be loved by all ages, this is definitely one to watch when you’re feeling low. It guarantees to make anyone smile.So there we have it, so sit back with your pizza or chips and enjoy a lazy day in front of the TV.

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