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Film Review - Wreck-It Ralph


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Let's face it,  the magic of Disney will never wear thin, something which the latest release from the Walt Disney Animation studios has made very clear. An uplifting tale of the journey of Ralph as he tries his hardest to become the hero of his game world, this gripping animation is one for the big kids and we aren't ashamed of admitting it.

bad guys anon wreck-it ralphThe last few decades of animated films has seen a transformation that has revived the genre to give it a newfound popularity that has significantly broadened its appeal and relevance to all ages.

Films such as Up have instantly made it into the books as classics, and you no longer need a little one in tow as an excuse to watch them. Wreck-It Ralph is no different. Whilst like any cartoon it is a visual explosion of colour and creativity, with a simple plot and a happy ending, it is also laced with wit and nostalgia that instantly draws you in.

From the Bad Guys' Anonymous meeting at the start to the familiar arcade games that we have all wasted hours of our lives on at some point, its layers of meaning and humour bring out the child inside us without feeling like we are watching a kids film.

There are some wonderful characters, demonstrating the boundless imagination of the brains behind Walt Disney Animation.

The misunderstood friendly giant who we follow through the plot is quickly shown to have a heart of gold, and although at first we may find Vanellope to be impetulent and somewhat irritating, we warm to her as we witness the struggles of acceptance that she goes through in a game she cannot escape; she reflects the difficulties and frustrations we all faced growing up. As ever, Disney captures the emotions of each character perfectly in its animations, and the incredible graphics only add to the magic of the film and intensify its charm.

So for those of you who haven't yet been brought round to the joys of the animated film, give Wreck-It Ralph a chance and you won't be disappointed. Capturing an element of our childhood that we will always secretly love, the concept of a video game world in which a guy proves himself to be a hero is surely one that holds some appeal for us all.

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