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Top 10 WORST Valentine's Day films


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If you’re thinking of having a cosy night in on Valentine’s Day you might want to do some research on the extensive back catalogue of soppy films which could be the focus of your night. TNS have compiled a list of all the romantic cinema to definitely avoid this Valentine’s Day.


This is a film with Britney Spears in it. If that’s not enough to put you off, I suggest you read the back of the DVD sleeve which finishes: "Not very exciting on paper, but up on the big screen it’s a drive-to-LA-stravaganza." You’d be forgiven for not taking their word for it. Also: "Crossroads is sure to connect with the new ‘youth’ market we’ve been hearing so much about." If you don’t cringe to the point of physical pain or laugh a lot you’re over 40.


A romantic musical drama starring Mariah Carey, this isn’t even one to subject a preteen to. Like Step Up without the awesome moves or Glee without the message of nonconformity, it’s simply the story of a woman trying to make some money performing on stage and in the end succeeding. Oh, and finding love.

New Year’s Eve

You might have thought that such a star-studded cast would have lifted this film above the trench of mind-numbingly boring cliché and overused tropes it currently resides in. Rather, it only seems to have been dragged down with the lacklustre script. The film only has a 7% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 131 reviews.

Sweet Home Alabama

A woman gets back with her ex. Yawn. 2002 drama showing no sign whatsoever of innovative film making.

Maid in Manhatten

It’s your call if you want to see the man who played Voldemorte hooking up with J-Lo on Valentine’s Day.

Bride Wars

Released in 2009 and concerning the competitive feud between two brides-to-be over whose wedding will trump whose, this is a really bad film. The concept is dull and slightly misogynistic, the characters are detestable and Anne Hathaway is only half watchable.

The Hottie and the Nottie

The plot: guy wants to hook up with pretty girl but first has to set someone up with her ugly friend. The pretty girl is Paris Hilton, rubbing salt in the wound that is the body-fascism inherent in this premise. As of April 2008, the film is ranked as the thirteenth worst film of all time in IMDb’s Bottom 100 list.

27 Dresses

As if we need to see Katherine Heigl wearing any more bridal gowns in any more romantic comedies. Excuse me while I twitch around on the floor and throw up as my body tries to combat the overdose.


Eddie Murphy plays the role of both geeky, browbeaten husband Norbit and obese, monstrous wife Rasputia in this romcom with neither rom nor com. However, on the off chance that you’re a female over size 6 and do enjoy crude, unintelligent fat jokes which are completely unapologetic for  stigmatizing fat women, Norbit may just be your cup of tea.


Why was the notion of watching this film on Valentine’s Day even crossing your mind? Gents - the blossoming love triangle between Edward, Bella and Jacob may be her idea of the most tragic and romantic story to ever grace the silver screen but if you actually have any respect for her, you would insist that she deserves better than this.

Have any disputes with our opinions? What are your most hated slush-ridden films? 

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