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Film Review: Beautiful Creatures


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The Twilight series is thankfully over, but after its massive success Hollywood now knows how profitable supernatural teen romance films are - and they are once again cashing in.

The Caster Chronicles is the next book series to be taken from pages and put on the big screen.  Beautiful Creatures, the first in the series, will fill the great big Twilight shaped hole left in many teenage girls’ hearts.

Set in the small fictitious town of Gatlin, it follows the love story of Ethan Wate (Alden Ehrenreich) and Lena Duchannes (Alice Englert).  Ethan dreams of one day leaving Gatlin and going to college, but he also dreams about Lena every night - but is unaware of whom she is. 

When Lena arrives in town Ethan is instantly drawn towards her and soon realises this is the girls of his dreams. But she has a dark secret. We soon learn that Lena’s secret is that she is a caster (that’s a witch to me and you) and on her 16th birthday she will undergo the Claiming, a process that will claim her for the Light or Dark side. Cue family interjections, more secrets, falling in love, difficulties of the relationship and what every movie needs: a battle re-enactment.    

Going into this movie I was expecting Twilight Take 2, and thankfully I was wrong - much to my own joy. Beautiful Creatures may be called the new Twilight, but it is better in every way possible. 

The cast is filled with top tier actors such as Emma Thompson, Jeremy Iron and Viola Davis. Lena and Ethan seem like typical teenagers, but the level of acting by Englert and Ehrenreich is seemingly that of accomplished professionals, and Ehrenreich steals the show with his easy going portrayal of Ethan.

Within the typical teen romance story line the film also packs a punch with a great backstory for the supporting cast that bulks the film out, making it more than a typical teenage love story - it even includes some well written comedy.

With unexpected twists and turns and an ending that flips the romance genre on its head I expect the Twilight pining fans leaving the cinema to think ‘Edward who?’

Beautiful Creatures is in cinemas today. 

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