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Film Review: Warm Bodies


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Here is yet another Hollywood film about acceptance with the “other” represented by the undead, low expectations are advised.

Warm BodiesWarm Bodies takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the human race lives in a fortified part of an unnamed city, away from the zombies that hunt them and try to eat their brains.

The film is not so much about good humans vs. bad zombies, with the main character being a zombie named ‘R’, played by Nicholas Hoult, who falls for the daughter of the leader of the human population directly after killing and eating her boyfriend.

The similarities with the Twilight series are very much evident but funnily enough they are not the most cringe-worthy aspects.

First of all, the girl R falls in love with is named Julie, a not so subtle reference to Romeo and Juliet and yes, this movie includes a face palm balcony scene.

What is also not so subtle is the actress’ resemblance to Kristen Stewart, an interesting choice taken by the filmmakers no doubt to allure Twihards worldwide who now find themselves with a Twilight shaped hole in their hearts. Not to worry though, this film takes it upon itself to assure those fans find many elements similar to the recently ended saga. 

The vampires are here zombies and much like the Cullen family chooses not to drink human blood, the zombies slowly regain their humanity and stop preying on humans thus distancing themselves from the ruthless “Bonies”, zombies who have given up their humanity and have torn off their own skin.

The movie is not all bad however; Jonathan Levine directs it well but does not do as good a job with the script, which presents some evident plot problems and a weak story coupled with a un-suspenseful climax.
But finally what Twilight doesn’t have, good acting! Nicholas Hoult does a good job with R and a zombie protagonist after all is a refreshing change to the “must... eat… brains!” zombies so popular nowadays and Teresa Palmer while looking like Kristen Stewart is a far better actress and their chemistry is believable.

All in all Warm Bodies is a decent date movie, that’s all. It doesn’t really know where it’s going and once the end comes along you’re left with a bitter idea that the movie lost its way somewhere and would have been better if it had kept mocking the rom-com rather than becoming one.

 If the movie is a success it begs the question, are zombies to become the new vampires? 


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