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Top 10 films of 2012

27th December 2012

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Film in 2012 was, to put it bluntly, bloody brilliant.

Here is a list of our top ten...

10. Ted

Any movie coming from the creators of Family Guy was bound to have the same kind of crude humour, and in that respect Ted doesn't disappoint. A little boy (Mark Wahlberg) gets a wish come true when his teddy bear comes to life, and they spend the rest of their lives together, through every awkward encounter they come to.

Even as a fan of Family Guy, some of the jokes are pretty extreme - but that is what Seth Macfarlane does best. He always seems to verge on the line between crude and childish humour but in Ted it works in his favour. 

The animation in Ted is brilliant, and the mixture of this and the live action is pretty much seamless. Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis bring the movie to life, along with the celebrity cameos that Macfarlane's work is known for.

Definitely a film for the jokers!

9. The Vow

The Vow provided much needed indulgence for my girlie side. The story follows Channing Tatum as his wife, played by Rachel McAdams, suffers from amnesia after a car crash. She can't remember marrying him but he doesn't want to let her go.

I'm a sucker for an old-fashioned love story and this is definitely it. There's drama, comedy and just the right about of soppiness to make me very happy indeed.

Well that, and the glimpses of Tatum's lovely torso that are dotted throughout. I may be a sucker for romance, but I'm an even bigger sucker for a lovely man.

The story itself is great, and the acting is brilliant. A winner for anyone who loves the films based on the novels of Nicholas Sparks.

8. The Campaign

In The Campaign, Will Ferell is on top form - but it's Zach Galifianakis that steals the show. He plays the political underdog amongst the American presidency rush. 

I thought this film was hilarious. Ever since The Hangover, Galifianakis has held a soft spot in my heart. in The Campaign he is equally loveable, if not more so with the addition of Chinese Pugs.

Throughout the madness of the American Presidential campaign, it's a relief to know that our friends across the pond know how to laugh at themselves, even if there are those that take the whole thing a little too seriously.

Everything about it was a little silly but that is definitely what makes the film so great to watch. 

7. Looper

I have to be honest and admit I was a little sceptical at first when I heard about Bruce Willis' return to the big screen. After Die Hard 4.0, I think I had the right to be worried.

But Looper definitely renewed my faith in Mr. Willis. As far as sci-fi goes, I'm not normally a huge fan, but this time travel epic changed my mind. The film centres on Joe Simmons, played by Bruce Willis, alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a dystopain world where he is an assassin for his employers in the future.

It's pretty long, and definitely a film you need to commit to watching, but if you do it will blow your mind. I'm no physics expert, but the science-y bit all seems pretty sound. No computer viruses to bring down the mothership here (looking at you, Independence Day). 

The action is pretty intense, in true Willis fashion, and I loved every second of it. It had me on the edge of my seat and all the twists and turns kept it exciting.

6. The Avengers

I'm known to fan-girl just a little bit over superheroes, and when I heard about this film's future release I got myself all excited. As predicted, it was a smash hit and probably spawned a whole new generation of comic-book readers (but I would have to be honest and say that Captain America is my favourite of them all...)

The storyline is a little bit out there, but because it's Marvel, it works. The big finale is completely outrageous but if the 21/12/12 had happened anything like that, then maybe it wouldn't have been such a bad thing at all?

5. The Hunger Games

I discovered this book trilogy just before the film emerged, and it's not often that I can say in all honesty that the film does the book justice. At first I was a little worried about Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss but I soon gave myself a sharp slap on the wrist. 

The film is about a dystopian world, where what used to be North America has fallen into chaos, where every one of it's twelve districts must send two children to The Hunger Games, to fight to the death. 

I completely understand if you feel this is all a bit morbid. But this movie should definitely be given a chance.

The raw power that Lawrence brings to the role is fantastic. She gives aiming to be pretty and appealing a miss, in favour of real emotion.

4. The Dark Knight Rises

The trilogy of Christian Bale's turn as the man in the mask has changed my mind on Batman, and The Dark Knight Rises is an impressive return for the caped crusader.

Eight years after the Joker's reign of tyranny, a new villain is threatening Gotham City - but is Batman ready to don the bat once again? At just under three hours, it does drag a bit but the action more than makes up for it.

This film also heralds the return of Catwoman, played by Anne Hathaway. She's come a long way since The Princess Diaries.

Not a movie for the faint-hearted or those with no patience, but with a thrill a minute, you'll be on the edge of your seat.

3. Brave

I fell out of love with Pixar after their past few movies, feeling that they'd lost the magic somewhat. Gone was the Finding Nemo heyday. But then came Brave...

The story follows medieval Scottish princess Merida as she fights against the status quo of her society, avoiding the arranged marriage her parents want. There's magic, music and laughs from the very beginning.

Obviously, a love for my homeland was a big part of why I loved this movie. I thought it reflected the Scottish landscape in a really beautiful way and couldn't help smiling when I heard a Gaelic song.

As usual, the animation from Pixar was superb and I was thoroughly impressed with Merida's long, red locks. Although the animation was just as good if not better, Brave had something that none of the other Pixar movies had: Billy Connolly. Just hearing his voice is enough to make me grin and this movie was no exception.

If you haven't seen it already, promise that you'll make the effort because it is just that good.

2. Skyfall

James Bond, James Bond, James Bond, James Bond.

I'm sure for the people that made it to the cinema to see this I don't have to say anything more.

New villain, new mission, new girls - the lot.

It without a doubt blew every other James Bond movie out of the water. Naturally, 50 years of Bond was always going to be something special but this went past my expectations in everything. Sean Connery will always be my favourite Bond but Daniel Craig is proving to be a close second.

The suave and modern tone of the latest Bond movies has been superb but the return to a more traditional Bond movie worked really well. While the theme tune and Judi Dench were enough, Javier Bardem proved a funny and chilling bad guy, and I always love it when the villain can match the hero.

1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The only film that could top Skyfall is the return of Middle Earth. The Hobbit is one of my favourite books so I entered the theatre with caution. However, all my worries were for nothing as it turned out to be the best film I've seen all year.

It's intricately linked with The Lord of the Rings trilogy but still works as a stand alone movie. The return of the original cast works in The Hobbit's favour but I don't think they could have picked a better actor than Martin Freeman to play Bilbo. The chemistry between the actors seems genuine, and makes me want to be one of the dwarves.

The film's only fault would have to be it being stretched across three movies. Two probably would have been enough, and it makes me wonder if Peter Jackson has fallen into the money-making game that Hollywood is all about. 

Best movie of 2012, hands down.

Unfortunately, there just isn't enough room on this list for all the other incredible films that have graced our screens this year. TNS also enjoyed The Life of Pi, Argo, Anna Karenina and Gambit. Check out our reviews and see if you agree. 

Do you agree with Eilidh's top ten? Have your say below...  

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